Armex Tomcat Mk2 80lb self cocking pistol crossbow


Grip and fore-end finish
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 Armex Tomcat MK2

80lb self cocking pistol crossbow

The Tomcat MK2 builds on the strength of its original platform.

It has a full aluminium body, a quality 80lb limb

and the effective 'fold in half' cocking design.

The changes in looks are instantly noticeable;

There is a complete new body design with

contour finger grooves in the cocking arm and the new wood effect or black ABS grip and fore-end.

The 11mm scope rail has been replaced with a 20mm weaver rail.

Less obvious are the performance improvements;

The trigger is now much lighter and smoother.

The safety catch is also much smoother and lighter.

The cocking mechanism has been improved with the new design being a one piece aluminium body. The benefit being, less string drag and longer cocking arms which reduce string contact on firing.

It's slicker and it's smoother, with improvements on both accuracy and looks.

Dimensionally the same as the Mk1 Tomcat .

Tested over our chronograph average bolt speed is 180 fps (123 mph) with aluminium bolts and 190 fps (130 mph) with abs bolts.

To say we are impressed with this crossbow is an understatement .

Price has gone up by a mere £5.00 over the old model.

Current pistols branded Anglo Arms Cyclone. Exactly the same pistol just different packaging.
We have to bounce between two suppliers to ensure we have contant stocks.

Kit includes crossbow, allan key for assembly and 3 x aluminium trueflight bolts

See the review and assembly tutorial By Giles Barry of AirGun Tv

Below is a short video review from "Pete" one of our customers .

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Mr R from Scotland   5 Stars
This self cocking crossbow has serious power and accuracy,have tried it out as soon as I assembled it which I must say was very very easy to put together ,for £30+£8 delivery and the 10extra abs true flights @£3 plus 3trueflights(arrows with the product) has to be the best buy I have made !!!!,very well constructed did exactly as it says ,I agree with the age verification as you would not wish this to go to any youngsters hands as it could seriously hurt someone ,so good on bows and blades for this checks ,I will definately be placing a order again soon as forgot to get the wax when ordering duh lol it's only like £4 aswell ,great wee shop to visit talk soon B and B ,happy customer:-) .

Reviewer: Mr G from Stoke   5 Stars
I have always been air weapons mad but decided try a crossbow. Went for this item to just test out really & have been blown away with this product. For just £30 Its hard to believe the quality. The power is fantastic, its easily the deadliest item over any of my air weapons. Im lucky having a large garage area to use the pistol because I would not use outside due to its power. I think the best surprise was the incredible accuracy. I thought the spacings at 10 yards would be 6 - 7 inches but repeatedly hit within 3. One note to others, use several different targets. You will most certainly hit the back of another arrow after a few shots. Just ordered another 24 due to damage on one of the three in the box, through my own stupidity firing at one target. Just a learning curve I suppose. I do intend to order a full size crossbow in the next few days. I think I have been converted. The difference in cost alone is a big changer, as air rifles are becoming so expensive.

Reviewer: Pete from North Yorks   5 Stars
This is an excellent crossbow for the price! It's well built, well balanced, accurate and easy to use. I would highly recommend this crossbow to anyone looking to buy and recommend you buy from blades and Bowes.

Reviewer: Steve from Cardiff. South wales   5 Stars
The pistol bow is superb and at a great price and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. The service from B and B was triple A. Thanks Liz for all your help.

Reviewer: martha from london   5 Stars
Best pistol crossbow ever. It feels great there is nothing that i can see that is wrong with it i have it for over a week and shoot it every day no problem at all but i would recomend to buy a red dot sight to it for better accuracy and as allways great delivery ordered it on monday aftet 10pm and it came wed in the morning! Well done again blades and bows 😁

Reviewer: Kevo from Merseyside   5 Stars
Best £30 ever spent and delivery was a+++

Reviewer: robert turner from wolverhampton (willenhall)   0 Stars
I purchased this crossbow not expecting it to be to be of good quality for only 30 quid but when I got it I immediately noticed the high quality and standards of this crossbow I fully recommend u purchasing some stringing wax to give your string the longest performance I have been waxing my string around every 10-20 shots and after firing my crossbow more than 300 times my string has not frayed or been damaged by the constant firing THIS IS A BARGIN FOR THE PRICE this is great for every day target practice I also recommend u buy some extra bolts the abs bolts are lighter n break more easily but fired into the correct targets provide great bolts and the aluminium bolts are stronger but sometimes the tip comes off or they bend but there easily bend back and tips can be pinched back on with some pliers I recommend u buy one of these crossbows if you are a beginner or just want a great back yard target crossbow

Reviewer: John Hooley from Manchester   5 Stars
For the price this is an amazing compact crossbow with surprising power and a very good feel. in addition it is well designed for easy customisation; i've resprayed the panelling and attached a red dot and rail with foregrip and torch resulting in a brilliant item amounting to less than £50 all in. BUY IT I had one issue with the prod loosening early on but this seems to have righted itself (probably my fault)

Reviewer: A Karim from London   1 Stars
Would love to review the armex tomcat mk2.... if only blades and bows decides to send it to me. Paid 8 quid for delivery and have been waiting a week. Thanks for the terrible service dont think I will be recommending purely based on the poor delivery service ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- your order was was placed at the height of the January sale to which we had put ample warnings that due to the amount of orders we were receiving dispatch was running slightly behind . Your order placed at at night was dispatched in 3 working days and received in 4 working days ????

Reviewer: colin from Cumbria   5 Stars
Very quick friendly service, great piece of kit at a good price, easily assembled but it didn't say put the small rubber cushions on each side of the bow, but easily figured out, don't forget to buy string wax like I did oops, bargain fun

Reviewer: Jamie from Leeds   5 Stars
What a suprise, better than i couldve imagined...for 30 quid your getting a quality little item, great fun to shoot and as my old man would say, i'd rather have one and not need it, than need one and not have it. Think i'll be going for a 150lb next, from these guys of course, B&B service is second to none 5*

Reviewer: JUSTIN from United Kingdom   5 Stars
Fantastic product!! very impressed with strength & accuracy from the outset.

Reviewer: Al from N.Wales   5 Stars
As with others, delivery was next working day very good service. Took a few minutes to assembly (You might need a 2nd person, or if you look up a video of it on a well known site you could find a way of doing it on your own. Bought to use as an introduction and bit fun and have loved every minute of it. A good tip I found on another review is to make a 'stopper' box - cardboard box full old jeans as it does have a nice bit of power behind it !

Reviewer: JOHN from MERSEYSIDE   5 Stars
I have never had a crossbow so i thought i would try this, and what a surprise when it came couldnt believe how well made i had to get help stringing it , but only took ten mins to assemble tried it in back garden , was very impressed powerful and accurate .blades&bows service second to none thanks liz for all your help.

Reviewer: jimmy from scotland   5 Stars
well made, great fun, for the money, what more could you ask for, would recommend it once again the service from B&B is top notch thanks!!!

Reviewer: Alex Green from United Kingdom   5 Stars
Ordered this after doing googling and looking through the different options for the best pistol crossbow for general fun and target shooting. Received it within a couple of days-thanks for the fast delivery. Very happy with the xbow, great quality, well put together and it feels tough and sturdy, good value for money. What I will say is make sure you order some string wax, the first you should do after you assemble it is wax the string and the rails, and use the grease provided to lubricate the other rails where the arms from the cocking lever go, otherwise the string will fray and the rails will get scratched. This is standard with xbows though they have to be kept well maintained or they will break. Fired a few bolts after it was all set up and as everyone else here has said, it's great fun to shoot, reasonably accurate up to 10 metres and fairly powerful as well. Good bit of kit at a reasonable price, would recommend it.

Reviewer: Brian from E.Yorks   5 Stars
bought a jaguar xbow last month, bought 2 of these this month due to demand from family, few points:1.brilliant service guys, well done. kit these bows, better than described, more fun than a barrel of squirrels:) getting requests from my close friends, who want to join in the fun, so I`ll want 2 more next month...should be on commission:) in the hell are you guys making a profit?.....seriously, brilliant fun, very inexpensive etc, but collectively this is going to get expensive...oh and by the way, I'm not building a private army:) anyone wanting to explore archery of all types should deal with blades & bows, you will be hooked! Many thanks guys, ordering again in about a month:)

Reviewer: Martin from Merseyside   5 Stars
Everything from the Tomcat Mk II, too the service and delivery is excellent. Blades & Bows are without doubt the *TOP* web site for this sort of gear, you can't get better. The Tomcat II is easy to build, great to shoot and marvellous value for money. Quick couple of tips for other crossbow purchasers. 1. Don't bother with alloy bolt's go with the abs, they are great value for money, tough as nails and accurate too. 2. Get an old mail sack (the single nylon weave type) and fill it with as much old clothing as you can find (really pack it). Then spray a dot in the centre with a ring around it with some cheap spray paint, and what you'll have is a self healing target boss that you'll be able to remove your bolts from with just a finger and thumb.

Reviewer: Jo from Oxford   1 Stars
It broke on the first day, in two areas the trigger and the sight. Bows and Blades UK have failed to get back in touch with me when i have contacted them about this several times, several months ago. I would give it less if there was an option.

Reviewer: Dan from Rotherham   5 Stars
Most fun you can possibly have for £38 (with delivery)!! There isn't an inanimate object that I haven't shot today. Very easy to assemble, very accurate after a small play with sight at 35ft and packs a punch. As for blades and bows, they get 5 stars too. Came day after ordered even with ID check. Great communication. Will be using this site lots I think!

Reviewer: daniel from jamez   5 Stars
What can i say ???? PERFECTION ! this bow will not be disappointing anyone , well made with quality materials and is so easy to assemble as iv come to realize myself blades and bows do NOT sell tat , every item purchased has been even better than i could of hoped for and this cross bow is no exception ! by with confidence

Reviewer: Ric from Merseyside   5 Stars
Does this cross bow really need another 5 star review? Short answer, YES! The resources on the website; both details and video links should be enough to convince you of the pleasure of firing this pistol. Having never owned the Mk1 cross bow I can''t compare them; however as a stand alone product this 80lb pistol is brilliant. I had the pistol set up and was firing it within minutes, with a little technique and skill you can string the bow without a second person. If you have old clothes lying around, instead of donating them to red cross simply pack them tightly into the box that the cross bow was delivered in, secure with duct tape, print off a couple of targets and start enjoying your own personal indoor shooting range. William Field from Wales does say that the self cocking mechanism will scrape away some of the black paint along the runners. In fairness to Armex they do provide you with grease and DO state that it is important to grease the runners every 5-10 shots. But as soon as you''ve started you''ll soon lose track of the number of shots you''ve fired.

Reviewer: Anthony from Manchester   5 Stars
I''ve just assembled and fired what will be the first of many crossbows I will own. I had to have help putting on the string. I greased the string , but not the running arms . This caused scratching, that was my fault I was too over-eager. I lost one of the bolts , due to the bolt travelling faster than the speed of light. Okay maybe that is a slight exaggeration , but you get the gist .

Reviewer: Dan from South Yorkshire   5 Stars
What can I say this crossbow is amazing for the price. Very accurate I had the mark one and got this as my replacement as it broke down. It is even better i can''t believe how much this is better over the mark 1. What can I say about the service it was fantastic next day delivery blades and bows go out of there way to help and have excellent comunication very friendly and very helpfull keep it up guys. other sites could learn from this amazing service thank you very much.

Reviewer: graham gault from ayrshire scotland   5 Stars
was most impressed with the pistol crossbow a good balance and weight and of great quality i have ordered a red dot sight just to fine tune it for myself but the iron sights are very good would recomend both crossbow and your selfs for a great service the pistol is way up on power than what i thought it would be and very stable on close grouping shots thanks guys .

Reviewer: sean from norfolk   5 Stars
just recived the armex alloy self cocking pistol crossbow and for £30 ,its well worth the money and built strong so should last as long as you want , i only ordered it very late teusday night and came this morning (thrusday) i shall be ordering more from this site in the very near future and hope this company are around for years .great sevice and best price

Reviewer: david from wales   5 Stars
awesome buy well worth the money i checked youtube reviews on it and hopefully would save other people time in going through youtube its well worth the 30 quid takes a couple of people to string but its completely understandable why... it packs a punch going into targets excellent service by blades and bows took a couple of days to come but i had to go through age check and i slowed down the process by not checking my mail lol will defiantly be buying again from these guys again ty blades and bows got ur self a lifetime customer

Reviewer: Phil from Leicester   5 Stars
Excellent crossbow. Lightweight, accurate and ideal when target practising. Also excellent service - arrived couple days after ordering

Reviewer: Martin Fortune from Plymouth   5 Stars
Ordered this on Wednesday, here on Friday morning, outstanding service! Put it together quickly (did require help with string though). I got a bit stuck with putting on the red dot sight, phoned for assistance, staff very polite and helpful, Cheers Nick, and got it sorted. Anyway I''m off to go play. Thanks guys.

Reviewer: Robin from Somerset   5 Stars
FIrst time purchasing from this site, and I have to say super fast delivery and excellent quality of items. The crossbow was fairly simple to assemble the only difficult stage was trying to tie the bow string to the other side which got me into a bit of a hot sweat. Overall the crossbow once assembled, is great quality, feels sturdy and packs a punch for the price! I recommend to anyone for endless hours of fun. I shall certainly be returning for more purchasing I the near future! Great site.

Reviewer: Adam from Southampton   5 Stars
First of all, I wanted to give a big shout out to blades & bows for their fantastic service. I ordered on Sunday evening and had my order on Wednesday morning - presumably it would have arrived on Tuesday, but I''ve recently moved house and my current address wasn''t on the electoral role. A quick photo of my ID texted over and the delivery was on its way, delivered really quickly with a tracking code and everything. The bow itself is great, only had a brief play around with it but thoroughly impressed. I was ready to spend a lot more on a pistol crossbow, after a feeling a bit of a void having no room at my new place to use my old 175lb crossbow - if I''m honest, I didn''t expect much for £30. But it''s pretty decent! Bought 40 ABS bolts with it as I expected them to break/bend after one shot and B&B were out of stock on aluminium bolts, but as long as you have a cushioning back-stop these placcy ones are fine (using a box with a few pairs of old jeans pressed into it with a target pinned on the front). Cheers to all at Blades & Bows!

Reviewer: Haris from Barnsley   5 Stars
Great item just received it took me 5 min to build its very easy no problems at all This is my second crossbow form blades and bows and I could not be happier with the service delivery was really fast and once again I am very happy with my item :-) This little crossbow is very powerful it''s a must have for any crossbow lovers out there :-) Thanks again blades and bows for fantastic service

Reviewer: Pete from Ivybridge   4 Stars
Delivery not brilliant but not down to Blades and Bows but more down to UK mail sending to the wrong place!! Build quality is ok, actually for 30quid its very good, I couldn''t get to grips with the sights for some reason however I''ve put a red dot sight on it and now its awesome , if you don''t have the space to shoot a rifle Xbow then buy this and have some fun.

Reviewer: Geo from Paisley   5 Stars
After reading all the reviews on Blades and Bows site i have to say, i was skeptical that they could be as good as everyone says they are. Sometimes though, you have to bite the bullet and take people at their word, and on this occasion i''m really glad i did. They really are just as good as everyone has said :) This little pistol crossbow certainly punches above it''s weight, it''s powerful, well made, good looking and feels really good in the hand, and when you get the loading down you can put a heck of a lot of bolts in to a target in no time at all. If you are thinking about getting one of these i can only say, go for it, you won''t regret it :)

Reviewer: kevin legge from march cambs   5 Stars
never used a pistol crossbow before was a bit worried about assembling it but found it very easy. after ajusting signs very accurate would recommend it. very fast delivery very please.

Reviewer: John Kemp from Lincolnshire   5 Stars
You kind of expect to be disappointed don''t you? The descriptions always seem to outdo the reality. For whatever reason I couldn''t get to this review page before I ordered so I knew I was taking a big chance. BUT it''s superb. Heaps better than I thought it would be. The construction is solid, doesn''t feel like a Taiwanese special, the pistol grip is excellent and the stock grip is nicely sized if you choose to use it. It is NOT a toy! So not the kind of thing to hand to a hormonal teen to play with because I have to say it could kill -and not just with a lucky shot to the eye or throat. I assembled it -easy peasy- and of course immediately wanted to try cocking it, as anyone who has bows or crossbows know, you can''t dry fire them or they disintegrate. So I had to take it outside and shoot one of those dinky looking plastic ABS steel tipped bolts I bought with it. As I looked around for a suitable target I was thinking these dinky little bolts aren''t going to need much to stop them, and then I saw a snow shovel I''d made out of a few bits of spare wood a couple of years ago. Perfect I thought, it''s basically an old wooden shelf made of that kind of ply-board about an inch thick, that''ll stop it no worries. So I took aim and released the natty little safety catch and bang -straight through with only the flight stopping it going through altogether. Surprised or what, rapid re-evaluation of this little monster and a desire to do some serious practice. Smooth trigger pull weight, jumps high on firing but you can compensate with grip and practice and don''t forget it was my first shot. Little tiny word of advice on assembly. The instructions mention a pad to go between the prod and the locking screw. Well there are 3 pads, two rubber and one metal. I chose to put the metal one touching the lock screw and a rubber pad on each side of the prod. In addition I trimmed the rubber pads by a couple of millimetres in order to clearly see the two vertical lines on the prod so I could get it centred.

Reviewer: john from manchester   5 Stars
what an absolutely fabulous piece of kit for the price, it is very well made very very easy to put together and very easy to load i would recomend this crossbow to anybody and defy anybody to get a better piece of kit for the price its brilliant

Reviewer: Liam from UK   5 Stars
first off, very good service from blades and bows, fast and good communication. The crossbow itself is brilliant considering the price of £30. Soon as i got it i assembled it with ease (apart from stringing it, get somebody to help you with that) I then took it out and shot it at a homemade target. Good weight to it, easy to aim, cock back and fire, overall very pleased with purchase. Will be buying from blades and bows in future 5*

Reviewer: Hamsta from Manchester   4 Stars
Recieved my Armex Tomcat Mk2 80lb self cocking pistol crossbow today, assembled in no time,(about five minutes). Looks the part,ordered extra bolts (20) and some string wax,all for under fifty quid what a bargain,delivery was quick,ordered friday,came tuesday. Not shot it yet,(hence only 4*) but i bet it wont dissapoint...........will keep you all posted, this is my first order with blades and bows,it wont be my last. Good communication is the key to great customer service,and liz certainly proved this,i have to admit i had a bit of a whinge about the postage costs(its cos im a tight git) then liz explained the costing structure and then reduced it !Gobsmacked!!!!!!! Thats what I call service,you don''t find that quality in abundance these days. Can''t wait to upgrade to a fullsize crossbow.............just counting the days..... Thank You,Blades And Bows (Liz) for a quality product and service. Kind Regards, Hamsta.

Reviewer: Max from Davies   5 Stars
I bought this one a whim, and it was one of the best things i have ever bought. i set a target across the room and time flies. and if you do it enough your arms get a good workout and you wouldn''t care less. So much fun, just make sure you dont miss and poke holes in the wall. Dont worry its very accurate.