Denix replica firearms pre-1870

All the replica firearms we list for sale are designs made or patented pre 1870. No licence is required to buy replicas of pre 1870 firearms.

Modern replicas are available (automatic pistols, AK47s etc) but proof of re-enactment group membership, theatre groups or film prop use is needed to purchase along with a copy of 3rd party insurance. Please phone us if you require post 1870 realistic replicas.

All guns are described as none firing replicas. No projectile can be fired but they do feature moving parts. Hammers cock, triggers fire and cylinders rotate etc. 

USA Navy Colt with brass trim circa 1851
American Civil War Navy Revolver designed by Samuel Colt
Wells Fargo revolver
designed by Samuel Colt 1849.Non-firing replica revolver.
Wells Fargo Stagecoach shotgun
Double Barrel shotgun circa 1864.

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