Tomcat Mk1 80lb alloy self-cocking pistol crossbow

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Tomcat Mk1

Alloy self-cocking

pistol crossbow

  • 80lb draw
  • Velocity approx 160 ft/sec  (117 mph)
  • glassfibre limb
  • folding stock cocking action
  • automatic safety catch
  • aluminium alloy stock
  • adjustable sights
  • grooved 11mm rail enables fitting of optional scope or red dot sight
  • Includes 3 aluminium bolts

The folding stock cocking action means loading is easy even with the high power 80lb limb.

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Dan Gripton from telforx   5 Stars
Excellent c/s very good product thank you bb order agen soon ::)

Reviewer: Krystal and Joey from United Kingdom   5 Stars
The bow arrived really quickly and well packaged. I bought it for my bfs birthday and we've had it for a month now, it's been lots of fun! It's powerful and you can achieve accurate grouping. I recommend getting spare string n bolts since they will eventually wear out due to the bow being pretty powerful :) It's got a sturdy frame and definitely isn't a toy! ;) It was a great purchase and we'll be back for more equipment soon :D

Reviewer: ROBERT FARQUHAR from United Kingdom   5 Stars
Pistol crossbow came within a few working days. top marks for service. Its a lot of fun to use my friends all had a smile on there faces at the range (I think blades and bows will have some more orders soon) Its no toy so make sure you have a safe place to use it with a good back stop.

Reviewer: chris from mk bucks   5 Stars
need i say, well done again bnb great kit, strong and has deceptive power 😁 delivery as always top guys.

Reviewer: patrick from scotland   1 Stars
the bolts supplied are not suitable for the pressure of the crossbow (the bolts being suitable for a MUCH lower pressure.) that they were with, the sights were broken upon arrival and the crossbow its self was of shoddy quality. 2 of the bolts fragmented upon impact from 20ft into a wooden board. the cocking mechanism had a pointed edge which damaged the string upon firing. the handle for the cocking mechanism damaged itself rendering it unusable. this crossbow was not worth buying and I am entirely disappointed in the quality of my purchase. despite the previous high standards from blades and bows, my trust in your products is slightly damaged and I shall be giving strong consideration as to whether or not I need to change suppliers. and the order was placed on Friday afternoon, I received it on midday Wednesday. my last order arrived the day after (this was sometime last year), . for £25 pounds and another £10 for P&P, i'd expect my product to arrive on time and function properly. regards, the Sharkey brothers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply by Blades and Bows So in reality you broke the sights stringing the bow , we check before dispatch and you did not report the item damage before assembly. You shot lumps of wood rather than a suitable target and expected your bolts to last ? Delivery to AB codes takes longer than other less remote parts of the UK and was ordered Friday 3.06pm , delivered in 2 working days on Wednesday . We do not dispatch on the weekend .

Reviewer: heath saxby from Bognor Regis   5 Stars
Great Xbow pistol and fantastic service you now how to look after your customers. BIG THANK YOU keep up the good work

Reviewer: Paul William Spears from England   5 Stars
just received this hand held crossbow and what a little belter. easy cocking and hardy structure made it a pleasure to use.i also found it very accurate and was able to hit things within 20mm. highly recommend

Reviewer: Liam from Liverpool   5 Stars
Excellent Delivery Very Fast! I Will Use Again For Purchasing More.

Reviewer: kieran from Edinburgh   5 Stars
Got my crossbow on good Friday! wonderfull little thing, quite powerfull for a pistol crossbow, thats not a compound, very fun to fire, Thanks agian B&B

Reviewer: Alex from Oxfordshire   4 Stars
This crossbow pistol is a lot of fun. Once you get good with it you can hit a tennis ball at ten paces 5/5 times. With a bit more practice, you can do it from 20 paces. To give you an idea of its power, the bolts will go through about 500-600 pages of a Yellow Pages phone book from 10 paces. The service from Blades and Bows is excellent. I have ordered three times and on all occasions received next day delivery. It's worth buying some extra strings unless you are going to make your own. They do wear out. The cheaper plastic Armex bolts are very good for targets. For some reason I seem to get better grouping with them. Maybe it's because they are slightly lighter than the aluminium ones? Lots of fun and perfect for in the garden. The trigger it a bit hard to pull, so not so good for kids, but it's not really a toy. This has given me a taste of crossbows. It's a perfect introduction at a very good price. I'm thinking of getting a larger one next, but I'm still having a lot of fun with this.

Reviewer: Duncan from Scotland   5 Stars
Great fun! The only differences I can see between this and the cheaper Cobra model is that this is slightly more powerful, and has an aluminium stock instead of a plastic one - which is good because you have to be fairly rough with it to get the string on and when cocking. There is an excellent video on Youtube which shows how to fit the string yourself, if you search 'How to string pistol crossbow' you will find it. The bow itself seems pretty accurate from 20ft, although as stated before, a dot sight will help.

Reviewer: Michael from London   5 Stars
Do not be fooled by the price, this is a very powerful xbow. Delivery from the site is super quick. Will be buying again from this site, will buy another xbow.

Reviewer: Billly from Ayrshire   5 Stars
Just got my pistol xbow today after ordering it yesterday amazeing delivary and product. Only problem is string is very hard to fit but that shows you that it is a powerful prodct nd not just a cheeep plastic toy. Also the service is also top notch and like I said b4 I will gladly use this site again.

Reviewer: Billy from Scotland   5 Stars
I do not have my pistol xbow yet but tjis is just to that that the servie for this site is 100% and I will be byeing from hear again without fear

Reviewer: John from Yorkshire   5 Stars
A great little piece of kit, great service, very happy its plenty powerful to get me started in crossbows and is great fun, as always super quick delivery welldone. Thanks again

Reviewer: Elliot from Birmingham   5 Stars
Very fast delivery considering I orderd it late saturday night. Very pleased with the product, it delievers a massive punch! Only had it a few hours but they have been hours filled with fun! Thanks B&B!

Reviewer: gordon from alloa scotland   5 Stars
over the moon with my knifes worth every penny & more thank you very much

Reviewer: Brett from South   5 Stars
What can i say, great fun for the money, just fired a fair few bolts through it, very consistent power, the red dot site really helps, to fit it properly, i recommend using a hack saw to trim off some excess thread of a screw that sticks out the top of the site rail, very quiet when fired, a fair bit of effort is required to cock it, which is good as i very much doubt a child could cock it, not that it should be left lying around of course.Also it will take 2 people to get the string on! Dont forget to get extra bolts, strings and string wax, it tends to kill the bolts, if hitting hard tickets such as wood, so for a very low priced pistol, very fast delivery and helpful and friendly communication, you cant go wrong! Its a great way to enter the world of crossbow shooting! I shall be back, without a doubt. Regards

Reviewer: Derrick from Dorset   5 Stars
This company knows what Customer Service means, very impressed. Very impressed (and surprised) at just how good this crossbow is for the price. It really does what it says on the tin.

Reviewer: Alex Visan from Romania   5 Stars
I purchased it after reading some reviews. Very fast delivery! This toy is LOTS of fun. Very powerful for its size. Aluminium stock much better than plastic one. Very accurate up to 20 yards. A red dot sight is recommended over the stock aiming system.

Reviewer: Scott from Nottingham   5 Stars
the crossbow is excellent, very fast and safe delivery and thank you guys, I will use you to get all my replacements, accessories and upgrades.

Reviewer: David from England   5 Stars
This is an exceptional crossbow pistol, the strength of the shot is amazing. A standard bolt will pass right through a dvd case with a book and dvd inside and a beanbag supporting the bean bag! And I mean right through!!! It will also make easy passage of a quality street tin! And a wooden fence! Superb , very very very powerful. The cocking of this is quite hard but can be done, but if it was really easy you would know you was getting poor shot power. The cord is really hard to get on the crossbow by the way so you will need someone to help you! Enjoy, this is a great crossbow! AND Thankyou to bladesandbows for the superb prices, customer service and how fast the delivery is! 10/10