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  16" aluminium crossbow rifle bolts

16" aluminium crossbow rifle bolts

Price: £8.33 Exc Vat
Price  £10.00 Inc Vat
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16" Pack of 5
Aluminium Crossbow Rifle Bolts


Suitable for use with all recurve rifle crossbows.

Perfect length, with removable screw tips for fitting broadheads.

Shaft measures approx 16" /407mm

Sold in packs of 5


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5 Stars
By Nelly
I got 20 as I might lose some of them I thought (never did). 17in. fit nicely with my Xbow as It is the shortest that mine can handle with the broardhead arrow-head (see other post there). No problems with these bolts with or without the b-head. They flew true over a good distance. While standing at a distance I had someone shoot some into the sky, straight up (DONT TRY THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE ACRES OF SPACE TO PLAY WITH....and a shed) and at the point of 're-entry' at the apex of travel, I could see that it flew true from the start at a slow speed. So they are well balanced. The postage was fine and fast. In a good box that was more than ample for the contents.
4 Stars
By Matt
Service, advice and delivery times were 100% on this order. Could not ask for a better service. The bolts are very well made, dark red aluminium shaft, rubber fletch and a standard field tip. The tips generally come quite loose in these packs so you need to tighten them all up, just finger tight, no tools. The fletchings can also be a little out of shape due to the packaging but they can be smoothed out easy enough. They shoot very well from my Armex Marauder, pretty much straight and level for about 75 meters, which, from a 150lb bow is pretty good. One problem is that they bend, almost on every shot, if i manage to recover the bolt, it is bent, even on the bolts that just skidded along the ground. They are very difficult to straighten, every corrective bend you make seems to add another kink in somewhere else. I guess there is a knack to this or a tool. Good all round ammo though, this is the best price i have seen anywhere, my local shop sells the same 5 pack for £22 so it's less than half the price here.