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  Armex Jaguar Camo crossbow 175lb recurve kit

Armex Jaguar Camo crossbow 175lb recurve kit

Special offer only £99.99
RRP: £199.99
Price: £70.83 Exc Vat
Price  £84.99 Inc Vat
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Armex Jaguar

175lb Camo Recurve Crossbow Kit

This is one of our most popular high performance crossbows with a bolt speed of 245fps .

The 175lb Jaguar comes complete with

  • 4 x 32 scope
  • 6 arrow Quiver,
  • 4 x 16" alloy bolts.

Finished in autumn camo the presentation packed bow has a safety catch and is supplied complete with assembly tools and fitting instructions.

Special offer on the whole package

Offer price £99.99
Now just £84.99

Draw Weight : 175 lbs

Limb : Compression Moulded Fibreglass
Barrel : Aluminum Alloy
Stock : Abs
Velocity : 245 fps
Power stroke : 10"
Weight : 5.7lb
Width : 27"
Length : 35"

We do not recommend using bolts under 16" with this crossbow

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5 Stars
By james
I have purchased items over past year,and every time got quick service and prompt dispatch,Management of this site is 100%. All products received were as it said on the box. Great company to deal with.
5 Stars
By robin
4 Stars
By Luca
Speedy delivery despite harsh weather conditions, lovely piece of kit this crossbow. Only thing was I'm not sure if the red dot scopre is ok yet as it came with a dead battery. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply by Blades and Bows : User had not swiched on the red dot sight . Worked fine after a quick chat on the phone .
5 Stars
By Sp1derJerusalem
Excellent deal! Easy to put together - took me maybe half an hour. Much sturdier and better quality than i expected too. Very powerful. Can fire darts through 2" MDF boards at close range. I like! PS. It's a bit harder to draw than i expected (Kids or weedy people beware) And it really hurts your fingers after a couple of draws if you dont wear gloves.
5 Stars
By Martin
Ordered this crossbow and it was delivered in less than 48 hours, with email notification and a trackable number. Excellent service from Blades and Bows as usual!
5 Stars
By Graeme
This crossbow really is something else. General assembly is easy; just take your time and read the instructions carefully. Fitting the string with the stringer device wasn't too difficult. As for the crossbow itself, one word - powerful! So make sure you have an adequate back-stop in place. Remember, in countries where it's legal to hunt, these things take down Elk so be warned it's not a toy. The only down side to the crossbow is I broke one of the plastic knock ends on the limb, but that was my fault. Replacements are only a quid a pair so no biggie. In summary, a fantastic crossbow for the money. Target fun galore with this bad boy. The people at Blades and Bows set the standard for customer care. They are extremely pleasant and professional. The crossbow kit was delivered the very next day. You are kept informed of the status of your order at every stage. I have already ordered other items from them, and plan to buy more. Great prices and great people.
5 Stars
By Sam
An impressive high quality heavy duty crossbow, easy to assemble and very accurate thanks to it's red-dot sight, I would highly recommend this product to anyone interested in the ownership of awesome stuff.
5 Stars
By Z
Great company, so straight forward ordered my item, recieved an email moments later verified item then to let me know the item would be delivered next day. True to their word 9.15 next day it arrived. Will defo b ordering more.
5 Stars
By Marck
Superb quality, superb value for money, superb service and next day delivery.. What more could one possibly ask for..?
5 Stars
By John David Reap
Originally I was just after the bow, but I paid the extra for the kit and have no regrets.. It is worth the extra for the sight and other bits... The bow is solid , well made, and powerfull, I had to make a gadget to help with cocking it.. (easy to do) although you can buy the cocking aids.. With the sight dialed in the bow is accurate and consistant.. This Bow is definately good value for money...
5 Stars
By david
this is a very good crossbow,at a very good price,i cant fault it in any way,lots of power,fast delivery.many thanks blades and bows.
5 Stars
By michael
this is an awsum bit of kit very powerfull bit fidly to construct but worth having patience for these guys are great very fast delivery 10/10 cheers guys
5 Stars
By Keiran
Bought this crossbow just a few days ago and am really impressed, it came really quickly and you can tell as soon as you open the box that is a well made quality bit of kit
5 Stars
By stuart
Recieved my order within 48hrs. Courier emailed me as soon as was dispatched to them to confirm nxt day arrival. : ) This was my 1st full size crossbow, spent hours looking at many sites trying to decide what would be the best value on my budget. After reading some reviews and seeing some videos I decided the 175lb was better to go for than the 150lb also recurve seems to be a no brainer as you can re string your self in a minute also I read that many owners that use crossbows to hunt in the USA say they perform just as well as compound and again you can keep a spare string and do it yourself in no time at all. I was worried about drawing the crossbow as had read that people were straining and also buying aids to help them draw the bow? Now I am only 155lb in weight myslef and had no trouble what so ever infact quite the opposite so I would not let that put you off. really it is so easy, obviously if you are doing a lot of shooting you may want some leather gloves as i am sure the string will start to hurt your hand if you are shooting for long periods. I have only managed to shoot the crossbow at 20 metres so far in my garden, to be honest I was expecting a bit more power but I am more than happy. I made a target approx a foot in depth out of hard board with 6 inches of polystyrene stuck to it then about 4inches of magazines gaffer taped around the board then 2 layers of foam pipe insulation finished with some cardboard all gaffer taped on. " at 20 metres bolt went 2/3rds of the way in. Just want to get out into some space to shoot at my target from some distance. def good value for money and the kit is def worth the extra few ££'sss. Looks great too. Happy Shooting
5 Stars
By Jay
Great crossbow, great price and very powerful. Once sighted correctly it is consistantly accurate. As for service from Blades and Bows I can not fault it, great communication and fast delivery.
5 Stars
By gary
this will be my second purchase from b&b. i have too say i have never known another company with the level of good service that they have. all the items that i have boug,ht have always been of the best quality.the jaguar crossbow i must say is a serious peice of kit and thanks to b&b i now need to buy a new bed for my son as the target i placed infront of it didnt stop the bolt .....oops , thank you b&b ,i'm now in the doghouse with my wife hahahaha ...may get some throwing knifes next ???mmmm
5 Stars
By robert strefford
this was my first purchess from this company, delivery was excellent was with me within 24hour, the bow its self is amazing such a great deal thank you very much, will be buying more from b&b in the future
5 Stars
By Keven
The item was recieved as described and dispatched after the processing requirements were fulfilled. The product seems a toy to touch but it does what its meant to do extremely well. It has to be used keeping safety as a priority at all times. It is very powerful and very accurate in the right hands. I am completely satisfied with the purchase and the price was a bargain. The bolts are also very good if used correctly with a suitable target. Do not even think of trying the bolts out on something lame. You will break, bend, split or worse a serious safety hazard. If you have got one of these I am sure you are enjoying it as much as I am. Very pleased with the customer service and will recommend using Blades and Bows as a company to everyone. Make sure to get the required accessories as they do help increase performance.
5 Stars
By Simon Michael Fox
Excellent crossbow verey powerfull and good value for money. Well worth the money but it is a bit hard to draw so it worth geting a cocking aid. Excellent Service. Thank You Blades and Bows.
3 Stars
By Callum Buchanan
very good product
4 Stars
By am
excellent bow well put together,fires through high density foam 8 inches thick at 20 meters and proberly futher not tested fully but seams to be very acurate,putting 4 arrows in 70 mm group at 20 meters without really trying
5 Stars
By Martin
A great crossbow, solid and well made, haven''t used it in the field yet but from reading the other reviews i''m confident that it''s going to be very good. I mainly wanted to say that the customer service is second to none, there was a small problem that was quickly sorted out due to instant email communications whilst i was at work on my iphone, so a big thanks to Liz, you''re wonderfull!
5 Stars
By mike
Ordered the Jaguar over a month ago so have put quite a few arrows through it ,it is a very nice recurve bow that is great fun and packs a good punch .Customer service as many have said is first class and if Liz can get your order out that day she will ,also have spoken to Nick on the phone a few times regarding bows and he always has plenty of time for a chat .I have the Sniper 150 compound coming tomorow so am looking forward to having some fun with that .Good company with great service ...Mike..
5 Stars
By Paul
Good Evening The bow arrived in the usual timely service which seems to be setting the new standard for home shopping. As for the bow it was dead easy to build took around 30 mins, the part to be careful of is to make sure the bow limb is correctly centred or your aim will be off the bow will have uneven tension. Mine was out by around 2.5mm, I have no idea if this would have made a difference. I did not buy this as part of the zombie pack as we have no zombies around here although some of the locals are strange :). There is however lots of friendly farmers who really do not mind you shooting on their land as long as you are safe. The bow delivered lots of power on target, indeed we have an old Apple tree in the garden which I thought was in danger of becoming zombiefied, this required swift and decisive action I felt :) :) The bolt is around 2 inches in and it ain’t coming out anytime soon Does everyone have a sacrificial bolt they waste :) Joking aside for fun target and recreational shooting the 175 pound draw weight is perfectly powerful enough and if you are going to go shooting with your wife or children the cocking aid is a must unless you want to be the sucker cocking the bow for everyone else :) as happened to me on Saturday. In summary I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to gives shooting a try, it is an excellent balance of quality, power and looks if you decide you like shooting Vs it won’t break the bank if you are buying to "try crossbow shooting" and decide you don’t. It will work for years with very basic maintenance (spray WD40 into the trigger mechanism every 3 months, and wax the string, so says the internet). For my part if I still enjoy this hobby in 6 month’s I’m going to buy the Desert Hawk and give the Jaguar to my missus. I like the looks of the Titan but Compounds can be a pig if they lose their string.
5 Stars
By John
Brilliant piece of kit, turned up in two days went together easy and shoots great. Now I'm going to need more bolts and a target, this thing is plenty powerful and commands a bit of respect as its no toy, good fun though.
5 Stars
By Philip
Painless ordering process. Looking forward to putting it together!
5 Stars
By Richard
Very happy with the crossbow, once the sight is corrected very accurate, the cocking aid also makes a big difference to grouping. Have to mention the quality of service and speed of delivery, Blades and Bows are the most easy to deal with professional on line supplier I have used and I buy an awful lot online. I have since made a further order and again the service has been perfect!!!
5 Stars
By Rolling Stoner
Excellent product and excellent service from the team at Blades and Bows. My Order was dispatched within days and what a piece of kit for the money. Outstanding. There was a minor problem that the housing for the sling was missing but that was dealt with very quickly indeed and considering its Christmas and everyones running round like headless chickens I was suprised to get it sent out so swiftly. I'm new to the cross bow world but From dealing with this company can see no reason at all to shop else where.
4 Stars
By robert turner
I purchased this crossbow as I already have the tomcat mk2 and wanted sorting bigger I set up the crossbow as soon as it came the packaging it came in was good quality It is quite tricky to string the bow so I recommend viewing a video online will help guide u in the right direction this is very good quality for the money much better than I expected once I fully assembled the crossbow I took it into my back yard and fired it at a 3 inch thick solid board it went through it no problem with about 4 inches sticking out the back and had to gouge out the wood around the bolt to free it warning its very hard if u are not very strong to draw the crossbow as I am quite muscular and it took me quite some strength to cock it so if your not very strong I recommend u get a cocking device such as a wench or a simple cocking rope if u are firing into solid targets u may bend or slightly damage the bolts so purchasing some extra bolts would be a good idea remember to lubricate your rail with the provided rail lube to lessen the friction on your crossbow also wax your string to ensure u get the longest possible life from your string
5 Stars
By Nik
Excellent service, fast delivery, good price. I would recommend these guys for sure! Thank you very much.
5 Stars
By Tom
Brilliant crossbow, easy to cock, great to shoot and looks fantastic. Quick dispatch and arrived within a couple of days, excellent service from Blades and Bows, 100% satisfaction.
5 Stars
By Pete
This is the first crossbow that I have bought or used, it was really easy to assemble, and string. The service from Bladesandbows is excellent, you get a text from the delivery service the day before your order is sent and on the day it is due it tells you that the delivery will be within the next 90 mins. The crossbow is very powerful, harder to cock than I thought it would be, once the sights are set up it is pretty accurate too. Just ensure you have an adequate back stop or this will be very dangerous. If you get one of these...have fun, we have.
4 Stars
By dan
This bow has tremendous power ! Set was pretty simple took about 15 minutes , the included kit is great apart from the arrows dont hold very long . Only downside for me is how incredibly hard it is to cock by hand , i only loaded 5 arrows and i instantly had deep cuts to my hands which lasted from the morning until very late evening , so i would only use a cocking rope as recommended by proffesionals .MAKE NO MISTAKE if you are unsafe with this and someone happend to walk into the line of fire they will be killed id imagine it would gor through 3 maybe 4 people and still travel so EXPERIANCED people should purchuse , Great customer service and very freindly ... happy archer here :)
5 Stars
By Robert
Personally, I had been interested in acquiring a crossbow for some time. I was not looking for some overpriced, and hyped up to the 9's model that would be out of fashion this time next year, so I did a lot of browsing online. I wanted to get something that was functional and workmanlike, that was also pretty powerful and accurate. This model did not disappoint in any way, shape or form. The bow itself is very solid and well balanced, with a good weight. In kit form, it comes with the easy to use optical sight, which is fully adjustable to suit a variety of light conditions. I also like its ease of construction, which means that if you ever do have any mishaps, the need to fit a new prod should not be too much of an issue. I seriously doubt the chances of any damage coming to the stock. The finish and handling of the bow are also excellent, especially for the purchase price. Overall, and even though I have only fired a few shots, it seems more than up to the job. In fact, I set some heavy soil filled bags out in the garden until I got used to the range. I was aiming down through the bags and into the garden at about 10 metres, just to see where the arrow would strike. Well, it was a bit futile, as the arrow went that fast, all I could actually see was the movement of the bag. The arrow had gone straight through about 12 inches of compacted soil, and was buried into the garden itself (need some sand bags) As for the service from Blades and Bows, I could not be happier. I heard them mentioned in a Youtube video, and then had a look on the site. I was not sure whether they would be as good as the lad in the video had been saying, but I need not have worried. The service was outstanding, especially relating to the speed of delivery. I also bought a few extra arrows and bits, and it was nice to see that they had been placed inside the actual box, and checked and signed. The only thing of note that I would say, and this seems to have been mentioned by a few others, is that this is an awesome piece of kit, but is definitely no toy. As with all weapons, it need to be treated with respect and in a professional manner. So, all you have to do if you are looking for one, is buy it, and then put your back into it. Just make sure you are on a good hard and sturdy surface and have a decent pair of shoes on or trainers on when you cock it.
4 Stars
By Chris S
Overall, very pleased with the bow and at very reasonable price. Extremely powerful if not awkward to cock due to the huge (175Ib) strain. Cooking rope may make it easier. Only reason I gave 4 stars was the instructions weren't very clear. I worked most of it out by looking at the pic on the box. Stringing the bow ended up with a broken plastic end tip!! This was more to do with the instructions being unclear. I like the fact this bow is weighty and solid but not too heavy. It is a crossbow after all and not a high powered rifle! Good service, would be spot on if I can have a replacement end tip!!!
5 Stars
By Andrew
My first purchase from BnB, and I ordered this crossbow primarily from a preppers POV. It arrived speedily, ordered late on a Monday Evening and arrived Thursday, and I was very impressed with the service and CB itself. The CB feels very solid, with a nice weight to it, and construction took me also, around 30 mins or so, took me a few minutes to turn on the red dot scope, but just twist the big dial on the top and bingo! I did come a cropper stringing the CB, as the instructions (to me) weren't that clear, so, I ended up with the stringing aid being stuck behind the bow string, problem, ill just hacksaw it off, jobs a good un, right? Nope! the instructions didnt tell me to add the black tips first so after I had removed the cocking aid, I was unable to string it, so ordered a new stringing device (incidentally has WAY better instructions, the original one advises you to dry fire, where as the string aid one advises 2 people to do this, one to hold the cocking aid, the other to fire, and slowly release the cocking aid) Thats my own incompetence, and no one else has has this issue so its not a black mark at all on BnB! Im 5ft 8, 10 stone, and physically fit, I couldn't draw the CB by hand, cue, oven gloves! cumbersome but they worked at first, I have since invested in a cocking aid, much quicker (and more attractive and practical than oven gloves) but be aware, for regular use, the string WILL cut into your hands, with a draw weight as it is, you shouldn't be suprised Would I order again? definitely, although I've found the kit cheaper by a few pounds online in the UK BnB delivered what they promised. Thanks guys,
5 Stars
By james
What a bow !! New to archery, so never fired anything this powerful before. Some will need the cocking rope (available to buy) to help string the bow as it takes a bit of a job. Once cocked and loaded though, WOW!! Accurate with excellent scope, and power is stunning. This bow makes me feel like Daryl out of the Walking Dead !! All I can say is enjoy this great weapon.
4 Stars
By Tony Flood
Well, ordered this for £100 along with an MK380 (extra). Did not expect much, for 100 notes. Open the box and inspected all the items. Well packaged and organised upon opening. On inspection of the items, I did start to feel more comfortable as each component seemed to be very well made and finished to a very high standard. No issues at all upon first inspection. In fact, quite impressed! The aluminium die cast main chassis is very well cast - with no imperfections (which surprised me) and felt of quality given the presentation of the component and the mass of the item. Ummmm. Nice! Expected junk to be honest! Firstly, I unpacked the main string and unwound it to reveal the single strands and then went about waxing it up and getting lubricant into each strand, before twisting the turns back into the string - ready for installation. I fitted the stirrup next (against the instructions). If you do not install the stirrup first, you cant get a full turn on the allen key - as the limb is now in the way! Install the stirrup first. Saves tiny half turns on allen keys. Stirrup is adequate and well finished like the rest of the components. Next fitted the limb and used the line aligner, printed on the limbs to suggest approximate centre. I then locked up the bolt to install the string. This was the most worrying part for me. Installation of the string! Turned out to be a doddle! Get yourself on You Tube and watch a tutorial. I did and it saved me any guesswork. I did not shoot the string on as suggested in the instructions. I simply pulled on the install cable and released the trigger and brought the string to rest with my hand by easing the pressure off! CAUTION! You may want to shoot it on. I felt the limbs deserved better due to being well manufactured. Next, I adjusted the string to centre be simply measuring limb position to cente etc. I also backed this up with the use of a set square and check the string was at 90 deg to the rail. All good with a little tweak here and there. I did not fit the front iron sight - as I'm only interested in a telescopic sight. The RED DOT sight is terrible that came with the unit. Very very poor! Not that I ever intended on using it anyway, but one has been sold the item so it should work correctly? Mine had all three red dots in a cluster? Not vertically aligned - like they should be? Useless. I will speak to Nick about this and see what he says. Not sure I want to pay return postage! Anyway, next up. Oiled the trigger mechanism. Only use synthetic oils! Other mineral types will destroy strings and are not kind to anything but steel! Very low viscosity oil is my preference when it comes to trigger assemblies. You don't want to attract dust!!! Not at all. So don't use grease. Will be stripping this unit soon just to learn how it works and be able to de-grease and re-lube in the future. Pretty much done at this point and waited for the rain to stop! When it finally did, I took the little compact Jaguar to the cow shed to be zero'D. No wind in the shed. Distance to target 15m (measured). Not a great distance - but we are zeroing here!. First time I cocked the string and engaged the trigger assembly or string claw with the string - I felt a bit awkward. Took a few attempts with the string aid - but then found my feet and used the aid with ease. Just a few practice attempts are needed to get a feel for the equipment. I would always use the aid. Not only to help with the distribution of weight and cocking - but more importantly for me - was the aid in accuracy, due to the string being loaded equally. The positive clicking sound on loading and the feel of the mechanism turning over gave the impression of a solid trigger mechanism. I will complain about the trigger in the fact that its unpredictable in the fact that its single stage and the point of sear is somewhere within the travel. Unlike a fine rifle trigger, the sear is spongy. You end up holding crosshairs on target and you are travelling with the trigger - trying to make a sear. What I will say - is you get used to it and just hold over and follow through until the bolt is released. The way it should be done. I will say that the trigger is well made. Its very safe and is a substantial unit. The clunks and clicks when the trigger is operating let you know this fact. The other point is that its very smooth. You cant complain about the trigger. For 100 notes - the trigger is well made. Works as it should. Is safe. Get used to it and learn it. When all is said and done, this crossbow far exceeded my exceptions. Build quality is very good. Functionally, very good. Well finished. Very solid but light. Full aluminium stack and rail. The little compact unit goes with a little twang on firing and I think im going to pimp up with a string suppressor. May have to design and machine one up - but the bow is worth spending on! Reminds me of crossman fans. Inexpensive rifles that the enthusiasts spend more on add ons - due to the fact the the rifle is a great piece of kit and is bought for peanuts. The Jaguar is a great piece of kit! Little add on's could make it even better. Awesome for the money. I shot a sub one inch group after zeroing at 15m with the cheapest bolts in the world (aluminium). Get used to the trigger and accuracy is not in question at 20m etc. Will push it to its limits of range over the coming months! Awesome piece of kit! Great service as ever from blades and bows!
5 Stars
By Andy
Had this crossbow for a few days now and so much fun shooting. Took maybe an hour to zero in, tip.. Buy and use a rope cocking aid as it makes your shots more consistently accurate. The crossbow is awesome and I"d recommend it to anyone looking to start target shooting. Bladesandbows service was excellent, everything I ordered were in the crossbow box marked fragile and arrived in a couple of days. Will definitely use them again.
5 Stars
By nick loughlin
Very good value for money!!!! Quick delivery, and brilliant customer service. 1st time having a crossbow fairly simple to put together. Feels very sturdy and powerful I will be purchasing more from this company very soon
4 Stars
By Kenny Cassemis
After a lot of research i decided to buy a Jag/175 from blades and Bows, since ordering and receiving the crossbow i can say i am impressed with the whole experience so far. Delivery was very quick and i was a little apprehensive as there was some small damage to the parcel but was happy to see that it was well wrapped and protected that there was no damage to the inside. Opening the box i was surprised to see how well made all the parts were, and looking like a mean machine, assembly was easy and had no problems with the instructions. If any one does get stuck on assembly i would say look at You Tube, loads of help there. The reason i have only rated this as 4 star is because i have yet to string and fire the Xbow, i will write a more detailed review later, One point i would like to mention is the speedy service from Blades and Bows, thank you.
5 Stars
By Richard hunter
Excellent crossbow especially for the money, very powerful (goes straight through 1/2" marine ply at 25 yards no problem, you need a bit of strength to cock it (puny people beware lol) superb package for the price and a service second to none from the team at blades and bows who delivered very quickly and kept me fully updated, I'd highly recommend them and I'll certainly be ordering from them again, fantastic service and prices to match.
5 Stars
By Colin
Rating the Crossbow itself as 5 stars primarily for what you get for your money. Its very smooth when shooting, and more powerful than you'd think for a budget bow, you definitely need a good back stop. Accuracy is consistent if you use a cocking rope and decent arrows (the ally ones that come with the kit will go out of true after a while so invest in some carbon or decent fibreglass) I thought the red dot sight was a bit of a let down optics wise, but after a couple of emails and finding out how much they cost etc its to be expected .I'll still only give it 2 stars though..I must admit i expected maybe a bit too much from the sight and did compare it to a more expensive one which was a little unfair if i'm honest. I've since fitted a 3-9x50 Tasco and it's perfect. At the end of the day if you don't like the cheapo red dot sight, you can always give it to someone with an airsoft rifle or similar. The strap that comes with the kit is very nicely made a quite comfortable on the shoulder. Instructions were easy to follow and putting it together is quite a simple task, if you check out youtube or similar there's bound to be a few videos of people putting together similar crossbows i would imagine.
5 Stars
By Neil
2nd item ordered from blades & bows and what a bit of kit it is too !! outstanding customer services throughout, very straightforward to assemble, pulling the string line back requires a lot of power in the fingers but got it done on the 2nd try, (cocking aid makes it a lot easier will have to buy one if I want any fingers left,,LOL) the crossbow OMG!!! I thought the ARMEX 80LB TOMCAT II PISTOL CROSSBOW was outstanding but EK Archery Jaguar Camo crossbow 175lb recurve. just takes it to a completely different level the power and accuracy is truly unbelievable for a crossbow and for the price you can't get a better one than this! blades & bows are the cheapest suppliers for this crossbow! and with the fantastic customer service, you won't be disappointed.