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  Armex Tomcat Mk2 / EK Archery Cobra 80lb self cocking pistol crossbow

Armex Tomcat Mk2 / EK Archery Cobra 80lb self cocking pistol crossbow

Price: £24.99 Exc Vat
Price  £29.99 Inc Vat


 Tomcat MK2 / Ek Cobra Aluminium

80lb self cocking pistol crossbow

The Tomcat MK2 builds on the strength of its original platform.

It has a full aluminium body, a quality 80lb limb

and the effective 'fold in half' cocking design.

The changes in looks are instantly noticeable;

There is a complete new body design with

contour finger grooves in the cocking arm and the new wood effect or black ABS grip and fore-end.

The 11mm scope rail has been replaced with a 20mm weaver rail.

Less obvious are the performance improvements;

The trigger is now much lighter and smoother.

The safety catch is also much smoother and lighter.

The cocking mechanism has been improved with the new design being a one piece aluminium body. The benefit being, less string drag and longer cocking arms which reduce string contact on firing.

It's slicker and it's smoother, with improvements on both accuracy and looks.

Dimensionally the same as the Mk1 Tomcat .

Tested over our chronograph average bolt speed is 180 fps (123 mph) with aluminium bolts and 190 fps (130 mph) with abs bolts.

To say we are impressed with this crossbow is an understatement .

Price has gone up by a mere £5.00 over the old model.

Kit includes crossbow, allan key for assembly and 3 x aluminium trueflight bolts

Please note:
All black finish pistols are branded Ek Archery . All wood look finish are branded Armex.
Exactly the same pistols as we have sold under the Armex and Anglo arms names just in different packaging and with alternative branding.


See the review and assembly tutorial By Giles Barry of AirGun Tv

Below is a short video review from "Pete" one of our customers .

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5 Stars
By Adam
Awesome pistol crossbow, have never used a crossbow before so thought this model would be a good introduction before moving up to the full size versions. Really comfortable to hold with a nice heavy feel, accurate and I only had difficulty when putting the string on, but managed after the fifth or so attempt with help. First time ordering from Blades and Bows, very high quality of service and rapid delivery, will definitely use again in the future. Thanks.
5 Stars
By Tim
Great little crossbow, I put mine together inside of ten minutes and had it firing. The string can be hard to put on solo, but I'm a fairly big bloke and a bit of leaning on it did the trick. Service from blades and bows was superb, ordered friday arrived monday morning. I also bought the big straw target, 30 bolts and a spare string, well worth the price and lots of fun in the back garden.
5 Stars
By Ahmed
Seeing this crossbow for the first time was incredible, neatly packaged, lightweight and highly durable and for the best price ever, you get the crossbow and its appliances and get three bolts for free, plus the wooden structure gives it a urban like effect, the delivery comes next day.
5 Stars
By Derek Blower
Excellent pistol crossbow. Assembly was straight forward and considering I'm not a very strong person I managed to string it myself without difficulty. It seems very well made and shoots perfectly. I am very pleased with it. Many thanks.
5 Stars
By Dave Sheppard
This is an excellent Crossbow. Very powerful, easy to assemble and use. It's very accurate with the standard sights and easy to adjust them. The service from Blades and Bows was first class with a very quick delivery time and very pleasant people answering the phones when you ring to enquire about products. I cannot rate them highly enough. Dave Sheppard.
5 Stars
By BazR
Over the last twenty years Ive tried all the crossbow pistols on offer in the UK and this one, after early days, feels like it might be the best so far; it is solidly made, powerful and accurate, and, unlike its predecessor, well finished with an acceptable trigger and good safety catch. The open sights & scope rail are both very good (again, far better than earlier offerings), and at the price a very respectable little sporting pistol. Great fun, but, 'cos of it's power, to be treated with respect. Very impressed, well done.
5 Stars
By William Field
I have never bought a crossbow before, and I must say, WOW! This crossbow sure does kick a punch! At first I wasn't too sure on it, being thirty pounds and everything. But I have to say I am shocked at how great this crossbow is and how powerful it is! One thing I recommend, with the self-cocking system, I noticed that some of the paint was getting scratched off every time I went to cock it. That is, where the cocking system would slide along the side of the crossbow frame work, it would make a scratching noise and ware the paint a bit, solution to this is to apply some grease of some sort and this basically makes loading/cocking the crossbow much easier. Amazing product, worth the £30!!
5 Stars
By Dean
Me and a friend brought a cheaper crossbow and were extremely disspointed as the design caused the bow to brake its own strings: each time the bow shot, the string would smack and damage itself against the cocking arms. This design has removed the flaw and is the perfect crossbow pistol. If you want an introductory crossbow, skip the others and choose this.
5 Stars
By scott
bought a few things off bladesandbow, you provide a great service! plus your stuff is good quality and is well priced. just tested this tomcat mk2, its a top quality pistol crossbow, very well made, looks and feels good. the trigger is very light for a crossbow i was surprised :-), also nice and accurate :-).
5 Stars
By Gordon
I am very impressed with this pistol crossbow. It is very well made and should last for years, and is very powerful for it's size. It arrived prompty and was well packaged. I would have no hesitation in recommending both this product and bladesandbows for their service
5 Stars
By Ozzy
Wow! fast delivery... 2 days! Opened up the box... good solid construction, mostly metal with solid plastic grips that are also excellent, as good, if not better than wood! It was easy to put together, very easy to cock, first shot, the sights were a little out but very easy to zero in, after 6 shots consistent grouping, very accuarate (only shot at 10 yards though) trigger nice and light, not 'snatchy' very smooth. I'm very happy with this purchase, if I'd suggest anything to the manufacturer, I'd say metal trigger please instead of plastic, and same for the sight rail, metal not plastic, but other than this, very happy!
5 Stars
By John David Reap
A nice pistol crossbow, with plenty of power .. at a good price.. It is accurate enough to hit a 2" circle at 8-10M so knocking over a rabit would be easy, if hunting wasnt banned.. Use the correct sort of target, a box stuffed with cloths is fine.. The bolts will penetrate about 4" and pull out easily...dont use the hard heavy duty insulation foam (loft insulation from B&Q), the bolts will go in 4" but dont pull out, I had to cut them out..
5 Stars
By david
lovely little pistol bow,lots of fun at a very good price,very easy to load,and a lot of power,very fast delivery,many thanks blades and bows,for your fast sevice.david.
5 Stars
By chris
great feeling pistol crossbow,nice weight and looks! easy set up and shoots like a dream a great wee starter crossbow and very powerful!well impressed service and shipping.....perfect!!! will be shopping here again cheers chris
5 Stars
By Mark
Unbelievable. This little crossbow is superb value and its power suggests a much more expensive price tag. Loads of fun to use and very accurate once you get used to the kick up. Love it and superb service to boot, thanks B&B's.
5 Stars
By Robert Patterson
Received the Tomcat Mk2 last night. Very quick delivery. Had it up and running in 10 minutes with no problems and it seems to shoot very well. Can't fault it at this price. Many thanks.
5 Stars
By john jones
Hi my pistol crossbow came today very impressed with delivery speed and packaging, very nice piece of equipment, simple to put together. i cant wait to put it through its paces. blades and bows are on the ball with its next day delivery i also like there equipment, iv`e had a good look through it and they will be hearing a lot from me in the future. regards, john.
5 Stars
By Kane
First crossbow I've bought and decided upon this after doing a bit of research. Excellent power for such a small bow and for £30 its incredible value. The metal construction gives it healthy weight so it doesn't feel like its going to break after a few uses. It's a definite two man job to attach the string as you'd struggle and could end up damaging it if tried alone. Only down side to it is I broke the flights off the bolts after a few uses of shooting into cardboard, but don't let it put you off as bolts are cheap and easy to replace. Highly recommended to both beginner's and advanced users. All round fun!
5 Stars
By john
Great little bow, accurate light and powerful, gonna try fitting a spool and refine some barbed bolts for fishing.
5 Stars
By Christopher Wilson
For the price and excellent pistol and with plenty of grease and wax will last as long as any crossbow would, just wish the cocking arm was changed as i dont like the shape of it. if anybody has one please note the two holes under the grip, i think these are meant for a picatinny rail so you can mount a laser or torch, only problem is the distance of the holes are not standard with picatinny rails so a bit of modding is needed unless armex supply one in the future? mine now has an agog sight, under barrel grip with built in torch and laser and i have crafted an attached quiver using the rubber arrow grips from a standard bow quiver. sprayed the cocking arms gunmetal black too.... looks quality
0 Stars
This was my first order with B&B & I ordered the Tomcat Mk2 going on the strength of reviews & I found the review videos a lot of help. This bow is great value for money for only 30 quid & assembles quickly (the bow string is the hardest bit). I took this over to some waste ground well away from kids etc to try it out & was not disappointed, only thing is I bent 2 of the bolts by aiming at thick scaffold boards so be warned, but you can pick up new bolts cheaply anyway. The advice & support I got from the staff was second to none, overall a very positive experience so keep up the good work.
5 Stars
By Gareth Liddiard
Great service and next day delivery. Tomcat was straight forward to assemble, took about 10 minutes. More powerful than I expected with great accuracy. Well packaged and even included some free molybbenum rail grease. Excellent product, excellent company and great value for money. Highly satisfied.
5 Stars
I have ordered things off the internet for a few years now and the service i have received from blades and bows is second to none i was kept informed constantly through out the whole process so thank you. Now on to the Pistol Crossbow WOW it packs a punch first one i have owned and i love it really well made, great weight, accurate and easy to use this has convinced me to go the extra mile and purchase a rifle crossbow next month. cant thank you enough.
5 Stars
By Jerry
When you find excellent seller, stay with the company. 5***** seller. Product 4****.Factory packed.Arrived with little nick on slider platform.Sliders rub off paint immediately.Rattles.(Fletching came off shooting into soft clothing/carpet)Great toy to plink with at home.Company I do endorse. SUPERB people.
5 Stars
By Pat
i took delivery of tomcat 11 must say this is an awsum piece of kit service was next day delivery and staff were very helpfull on the phone,this pistol crossbow is so easy to use and has plenty of power for size.So pleased im now going to by rifle crossbow
5 Stars
By Mr newton allison
What a fantastic service can't fault wish all company are this good Great quality cross bow value for money
4 Stars
By Daz Lewigy
A brilliant crossbow with very very good accuracy. Tough to string thou when you get it :) I have had a few problems hence the 4stars instead of 5. one of the cocking arms fell off BUT Blades and Bows sent out a replacement that arrived express service the next day :) so A++ for customer service. Then a plastic cover fell off (found the screw that had come loose and put it back together) then the spring loaded latch on the cocking rear bit just flew off again i found the bar had fell out.............. TRUTHFULLY, a brilliant bow but check the screws when you get it AND once every 30 shots or so.
5 Stars
By Ben
Wow. Ive had air rifles and pistols for a while but the Armex Tomcat Mk2 80lb self cocking pistol crossbow is the most fun ive had for ages! an incredible buzz! amazing service with such prompt delivery. will definatley be buying more off of your site and will make sure that if my freinds are going to buy they come straight to you! outstanding the whole package! thanks so much :) Ben.
4 Stars
By Matt
Delivery and service are excellent with this company. I ordered on the weekend and it arrived on Tuesday. The bow is a massive improvement on the original, it's heavier and has metal construction as opposed to the older cheaper plastic one. The mechanism is pretty much the same. The build quality is not great. First of all the bow stave centre point lines that you use to line up the bow before you fit it are not central. When i first fitted it the bow was wonky by about 2cm. I used a ruler to measure an equal distance in he end and now it is fine. If the bow is not aligned equally then it wont shoot straight. The others main concern is the cocking mechanism scraping against the body. It literally carves metal from the body. You have to lube up the cocking mechanism to prevent this. The string is harder to fit than the older bow, i am unsure why but managed it with a homemade paracord stringing string after a few attempts. Once complete you have a heavy and straight shooting crossbow with enough power to penetrate an inch into hardwood and therefore i expect that you could take small game with this at about 20 meters. The sighting system is as good as the older model. The trigger pull is the biggest improvement, you can now squeeze the trigger without pulling the whole thing up and ruining your aim. Much better than the mk1. I'd give this 4.5 out of 5, it is an overall improvement on the MK1 but the build quality still leaves much to be desired, however, for £30 this can be forgiven. I saw this same bow for sale for £70 in a gun shop recently, for £70 i would be unimpressed but £30?, that's a good price for a decent bow. I would love to see a picatinny or weaver rail on the underside to fit a fore grip to for extra accuracy.
5 Stars
First time I've ordered from Blades and Bows. Really quick delivery and a superb hand held crossbow. It was more powerful than I thought and if there is any advice I would give it would be to make sure you decide what targets you aim for. It will send a bolt straight through an empty bean can at 10m which will damage the flights on the bolt.I'm shooting into targets attached to a telephone directory with a substantial backstop so I'll be able to use the bolts again and again. Brilliant bit of kit which I bought on the back of the Airgun Gear video. I wouldn't hesitate to use Blades and bows again
5 Stars
By joe
service was second to none, i have never had an item come so fast. crossbow is awesome. tighten all the screws when you put it together and check them every so often as you shoot they can work loose. plenty of power and with practice pretty accurate too. would have been nice to have contoured pistol grips like the forend furniture but thats just personal. buy spare end caps they are cheap as chips and will definately need replacing. all in all a gret little crossbow for the price.
5 Stars
By the plinker
Brilliant! I now have 2 of these. As much fun to shoot as some of my air pistols costing over 10 times as much. Think about what you use as a target, the bolts stick firmly into wood at 10m and will go straight through foam insulation damaging flights. Use a big back stop, as if you miss you will never see the bolt again! Use the supplied grease on the groove of the cocking mechanism and wax the string often. Top extra bolts at the same time it stops walking backwards and forwards as much. Great service from B and B as well.
5 Stars
By Gavin
I ordered this crossbow pistol 2 days ago and was shocked to see that it has came already. This is my first crossbow that i have owned and i would recommend this to anyone. Assembely takes only a couple of mins however it does require two people to string. This crossbow has more then enough power for target shooting (managed to hit the target from 15+ yards) and is incredibly accutate even without sights. Over all i am very please with this product and the service from blades and bows. All credit thanx guys
5 Stars
By james jenkins
I love this thing, yes the bolts are crimped but that's the bolts not the bow and they are cheap anyway. I've attached a red dot site and it seems to be very accurate, removing iron sites was easy and required only pliers and a small allen key. Good power, bit of a pain to string but thats expected. Came with grease which was nice, and brilliant delivery, got it at about nine thirty today ordered late Friday , and as it was the weekend and a two day bank holiday thats next day delivery as promised, great customer supervise even got a text on expected delivery date, anyone whos looking for a cheap and fun bow get this. One thing though, the bolts stick out the back of the 60cm foam target, not really a problem with the stand but if its solid wood behind it may damage bolts.
5 Stars
By Steve
I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when my new Tomcat II arrived, not just by the speed of delivery but also for the overall quality of what is a budget staer model. I havent a chance to shoot it ey, as being the clumsy person I am I broke the back sights on it when trying to put the string on sigle handed... dont, it is bloody hard work, and as i have adequately proven, it will result in something getting broke. Although not obliged to do so, the guys at Blades and Bows are trying to find me a replacement to get me out of this predicament. (dont expect this as a matter of course as spare sights are not made for this model), sop fingers crossed they can come up with something. While talking to them about the sights, they also gave me some extremely useful advice, something that experienced archers and owners of cross bows made already be aware of, but definately something newbees like me need to know... DO NOT dry fire your bow, as this will almost certainly result in something breaking, either the string or the arm! luckily, this is not something I have done, depsite my haste to get going, but probably something I would have done if it hadnt been for breaking the sight. I have seen comments that the sights should be made of metal and not plastic, perhaps, but this would probably result in putting the price up, and to be honest, in the normal course of events it shouldnt really matter at this level. I have to say that the service I have recieved form Blades and Bows has been nothing but first class form start to finish.. thank you, when I upgrade, I know where I will be coming!
5 Stars
By Chris
Great little pistol, more than enough power for up to 10m or so. Don't expect great accuracy from this although it is adequate for the price, the trigger is awful however and holding your aim while squeezing it is a little tricky. But for £30 you can't argue, great fun to be had with one of these. Two of my friends have placed orders also as once you have a go you're gonna get hooked. The service was excellent, package arrived quickly and undamaged. Recieved an email telling me when the order was received, one when it was complete, and one when it was dispatched. The courier Then sent me an email letting me know it was picked up and gave me a number to track its progress. Truly an excellent and informative service and i have already placed another order and i will do so many more times.
5 Stars
By z00perman
epic piece of kit! i was interested in buying a full price xbow but figured i might be wasting a lot of money if i dont enjoy it, so ill test this bad boy out first and see just how much fun you can really have! to cut a long story short im now saving for the real deal and will be ordering from this site again. friendly, reliable service at competitive prices bladesandbows kicks ass!
5 Stars
By Dave
The crossbow was easy to assemble and I had no trouble stringing it single-handed. No spare string or limb ends though. A bag of grease is included to lubricate the cocking arm slides. The bolt rail has to be lubricated with wax, which is not supplied. I used carnauba furniture wax but I guess any kind of polishing wax would do. Surprisingly easy to cock (doesn’t feel anything like 80lbs) and trigger release is smooth with only a tiny amount of recoil. The aluminium bolts weigh 105gn and at a velocity of 180 ft/sec, yield a power of about 7.6ft/lbs. I test fired at a softwood plank from 10m and the bolts penetrated about 5/8” Shorter ranges gave less power (I guess the bolt was still accelerating) and velocity “at the muzzle” was measured at 165 ft/sec with a Pro Chrono Digital chronograph, equating to approximately 6f/lb. At a distance of 12ft the velocity was 184 ft/sec and at 15ft it was 182 ft/sec, so I guess about 12ft is optimum, giving a power of approximately 7.9 ft/lbs I used a 90cm straw target boss as a backstop and it held the bolts well – do not fire into soft ground or the bolts will disappear and you will need a metal detector to find them. This is a great little tool for indoor or backyard shooting, where a full sized crossbow would be too powerful. Alloy bolts are cheap as chips so get loads. I bought thirty but wish I’d got more now. Top target tip? ‘grab a free cat every time you go to Tescos or Argos – they come in very handy!’ I’ve only had it for a couple of days so too early to assess reliability but it seems to be reasonably well made and for thirty quid, you definitely can’t go wrong.
5 Stars
Excellent product at an amazing price. Easy to put together in just a couple of minutes. Easy to set the sights and very accurate so far (my garden is about 30 feet). Have so far fired about 150 times, no sign of wear on nocks or string but you will need to regularly grease the rail and sidebars (grease was included). Spares are cheap enough if you need them. Aluminium bolts have a nice weight and fly well. Cocking action is smooth and efficient. Service from Blades & Bows was superb. They offer fast delivery and have always answered my many questions without complaint. And I dare you to find the same products cheaper elsewhere! 5 stars guys, am well happy with my purchase!
5 Stars
By Stanny
Excellent delivery! Got it next morning like 9am! Full marks for delivery. As for the crossbow! Totally worth it for 30 quid, great fire power, easy to reload, came with 3 bolts. Definitely going to get the Firecat for my next crossbow! Thank you Blades & Bow!
5 Stars
By Barry
Great pistol, less intense(!) than the Titan I bought first but perfect for out in the garden. It does pack a punch that''s for sure and it''s certainly not a toy. Assembly was fine but you can''t rely on the white lines on the limb- as others have noted it''s best to assemble it and string it, then centre it by measuring in from the tips to the rail either side and adjust until it''s equal either side then nip it up, otherwise the string will not be 90 degrees to the rail and this will affect the accuracy. I can safely even use it indoors with a Thirdhand Archery Rag Bag(hint to bladesandbows- why don''t you start selling these bags? Only one other place does in the UK sure you could still make a healthy profit undercutting them!!!!!! ;-) ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply to Barry from Blades and Bows We are just working on some custom target bags and hopefully they will be available soon. The estimated price will be a lot less than the rag bags ;)
5 Stars
By Rob
Great quality crossbow pistol well worth the price and excellent as an introduction if you have never owned or used a crossbow before this was my first time ordering from blades&bows their service was excellent they kept in touch via email or txt through the entire ordering process I can''t fault the customer service or product one bit.
5 Stars
By bob
First class service, delivered in two days and well packed. Never having used a crossbow previously I did not know what to expect. No problem, easily assembled, loaded and fired. Unfortunately have not been able shoot outside so restricted to 8yard range. I marked each supplied arrow 1,2,3, and fired each 3 times in groups. Each group was within a 20mm. diameter circle. The centre of the groups were, one on aiming point,one 35mm high left at 45 degrees and one 25mm high right at 20 degrees. This strikes me as being extremely accurate and from a box of bolts it should be possible to find a set of 3 or 4 to hit the mark consistantly. I last shot seriously with the old Lee Enfield Mk4 in the early 1950s and think I am running out "lamp oil". The open sights may have to be replaced. In conclusion I cannot speak too highly of the service and the product.
4 Stars
By Paul
Just set-up and test fired my new Armex Tomcat Mk2. It is far better than any Air Rifle I have ever fired. At 15 yards it is quite capable of taking-out small game such as Rabbits and Squirrels. It really does pack a punch for such a small crossbow. You need to take the 80lb pull serious. Its shown to me not to be a toy. Paul, Leeds. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reply by Blades and Bows. Thank you for you review. Please be aware hunting with crossbows is banned in the UK.
4 Stars
By Matthew
Great crossbow very easy to put together its very accurate even at a distance with no recoil really so the bolts fly true. only thing that i could fault would be the runners grease them thoroughly otherwise they start to cut through the paint apart from that brilliant little crossbow
5 Stars
By Rob M
Very impressed with this indeed. It''s simplicity and ease makes it such a pleasure to use. I was also quite suprised that I was able to string it on my own, simply by first tightening the limb at one end instead of in the middle and thus being able to flex the limb using one hand. I have been shooting for nearly 15 years now and after using rifles and shotguns I certainly never expected the kick that this little bow has in it. The weaver rail does make it very tempting to want to fit a red-dot if you have one, my advice would be to stick with the sights that are on there. The second time I took off the rail to replace the iron sights after using my red dot I overtightened the screw and subsequently wore the head down. This makes it impossible to remove again unless you know a welder! So leave it be! But that aside, this really is an astonishing little pistol considering the such good price :)
5 Stars
By Max
I bought this one a whim, and it was one of the best things i have ever bought. i set a target across the room and time flies. and if you do it enough your arms get a good workout and you wouldn''t care less. So much fun, just make sure you dont miss and poke holes in the wall. Dont worry its very accurate.
4 Stars
By Hamsta
Recieved my Armex Tomcat Mk2 80lb self cocking pistol crossbow today, assembled in no time,(about five minutes). Looks the part,ordered extra bolts (20) and some string wax,all for under fifty quid what a bargain,delivery was quick,ordered friday,came tuesday. Not shot it yet,(hence only 4*) but i bet it wont dissapoint...........will keep you all posted, this is my first order with blades and bows,it wont be my last. Good communication is the key to great customer service,and liz certainly proved this,i have to admit i had a bit of a whinge about the postage costs(its cos im a tight git) then liz explained the costing structure and then reduced it !Gobsmacked!!!!!!! Thats what I call service,you don''t find that quality in abundance these days. Can''t wait to upgrade to a fullsize crossbow.............just counting the days..... Thank You,Blades And Bows (Liz) for a quality product and service. Kind Regards, Hamsta.
5 Stars
By Liam
first off, very good service from blades and bows, fast and good communication. The crossbow itself is brilliant considering the price of £30. Soon as i got it i assembled it with ease (apart from stringing it, get somebody to help you with that) I then took it out and shot it at a homemade target. Good weight to it, easy to aim, cock back and fire, overall very pleased with purchase. Will be buying from blades and bows in future 5*
5 Stars
By john
what an absolutely fabulous piece of kit for the price, it is very well made very very easy to put together and very easy to load i would recomend this crossbow to anybody and defy anybody to get a better piece of kit for the price its brilliant