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  Blue Jazz 30lb recurve

Blue Jazz 30lb recurve

adults take-down recurve bow suitable for garden or field
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Blue Jazz 30lb take-down recurve bow.

Key Specifications/Special Features:
Weight: 1.64 kg (3.6lbs)
Length: 61 inches
String length: 61 inches
Draw length: 28 inches
Draw weight: 30 lbs
Axle to axle: 64 inches
Limb: compression molded fiberglass
Riser: aluminum alloy
String: dacron
Speed: 133 feet/sec.

Right handed only

Suggested arrow length: 28"~30"

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0 Stars
By Mr. Williams
Armex Blue Jazz 30lb Recurve Review, Darren in Swansea Good solid feel to the bow. At 30lb its fairly easy to pull, the recurve on the limbs really assisting in the draw. Power is good for a bow this size, and quite accurate. Shots feel solid. Bow takes a few moments to assemble, nothing too difficult. Comfortable to hold and use. Ideal as a starter/ intermediate bow. Minor criticisms are that the string has no nock guides on it, so i kept putting it on upside down (little loop above, big loop below!), but thats hardly worth mentioning and does not affect performance in any way. Fast delivery, well packaged (about 17 hours from ordering to delivery!). Customer service at Blades&Bows was great, very polite lady who ably assisted me. Bow was well worth the money, Blades&Bows selling them cheaper than anywhere else i have found. 4.5 stars for product, 5 stars for customer service, will definatley order from this company again (Storm 55lb compound, here i come!)
4 Stars
By Ric
A superb recurve bow, but first allow me to correct the product information: Key Specifications/Special Features: Weight: 1.64 kg (3.6lbs) Length: 61 inches String length PROVIDED: 56 inches String length REQUIRED: 60.5 inches Draw length: 28 inches Draw weight: 30 lbs Axle to axle: 65 inches Limb: compression moulded fibreglass Riser: aluminium alloy String: Dacron Speed: 133 feet/sec. Right handed only Suggested arrow length: 30" As noted above the length of string required does not match the length of string provided; this was the first little annoyance and therefore may cause inexperienced archers to string their bow incorrectly, possibly damaging the product. I did not buy the replacement string from Blades and Bows on the possibility that I would receive another ill fitting string; instead eBay provided me with an 8125 custom string that fit beautifully. Secondly, to place emphasis on the first point there are no instructions with the product, it simply states assemble as per the image on the box, again this is subject to error for the inexperienced archer. This bow is a 30lb, reasonably priced, target recurve; it is an ideal beginners choice. Once you''ve resolved the immediate problem with the bow, and assembled it correctly you can really begin to enjoy this excellent piece of kit. Warming up at 5-10 yards you will see that even without the target pins, the bow feels comfortable and accurate. At over 10 yards, using the sight pins will take some getting used to. Practice, and of course a steady hand will help. The only issue I''ve had is with the aluminium washers that attach to the sight pins. They rattle and vibrate making more noise than necessary; with these removed you''ll get silence. Be sure to tighten up the sight pins or remember where approximately they were, as every 10th-12th shot will loosen the pins causing them to drop down the sight blade. Overall, a good entry level bow and I''ve thoroughly enjoyed using it. I highly recommend this bow if, like me you''re not 100% sure on how much use you''ll get from it. I''ve developed somewhat of a taste for archery now and couldn''t be more pleased with my choice of bow.
5 Stars
By Stephen Davies
Excellent and powerful first bow, Ideal for back garden archery, and supplied with B&B's A1 service
5 Stars
By donna
i've used blades and bows to get a few items and apart from waiting for clearance the first time the service has been impeccable :) this bow - the Armex 30lb blue jazz recurve bow :) WoW :) stunning - it's solid ally - it's really light - good length and shoots really really nicely in all conditions :) the arrows that i got for use with it are the Armex alloy field arrows and they fly straight as a die with it :) can't fault anything about it at all :) if you're new to recurve bows then you need one of these in your life :)