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  Enlan EL-01 lock knife

Enlan EL-01 Lock Knife | Blades And Bows
Enlan EL-01 Lock Knife | Blades And Bows
Enlan EL-01 Lock Knife | Blades And Bows
Enlan EL-01 Lock Knife | Blades And Bows
Enlan EL-01 Lock Knife | Blades And Bows

Enlan EL-01 lock knife

Price: £12.49 Exc Vat
Price  £14.99 Inc Vat



The stand-out feature of this knife is the blade flipper which allows
rapid one-handed opening. This is a large strong knife yet because
of some highly detailed machining isn’t nearly as heavy as it looks.
The rose wood handles have deep grooves for extra grip.

Lock Knife
Blade material : 8Cr13MoV
Handle material : Rose wood
Overall length : 21.2cm
Closed length : 11.8cm

Blade length : 10cm
Liner lock
Blade flipper
Pocket clip
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5 Stars
By satan
So you have £50 to spend on a knife. Which should you pick ? Get one of these and spend the money you save on beer. As well made as any £50 knife out there. Ive been an Enlan fan for a while and its great there is now a UK dealer.
5 Stars
By dave
I saw this knife in a shooting magazine,and i like what i was looking at.So i went ahead and ordered one,it took a day to arrive and i am well pleased with it so far it is well made has some nice features wooden grips it locks well and also has a tang to stop your hand sliding on to the blade,it also has a handy clip to clip to a belt etc and last but not least it has a hole for a lanyard.Know for the test of time!.(Thank you Blades and Bows).
5 Stars
By stokie99
Great knife and very well made , also sturdy ,very cheap in price for a hi quality bit of kit thanks blades and bows.
5 Stars
By tim
recieved this knife today,wow,great folder,strong construction good in the hand it will,i'm sure last me a lifetime the liner lock is excellent.
5 Stars
By Daniel Goodall
AMAZING! This knife is beautiful, the rose wook handle is perfection, the blade is strong and sturdy. The blade flipper is great, just add a flick of the wrist and BAM! The blade is out! Overall this is a superb product and the best knife I've bought from B&B
5 Stars
By simon stokes
This knife turned up, and i was straight away impressed it felt strong and robust in the hand, like it was going to be up for the job, me and the boy went to the woods and i made him a bow and arrow with it making short work of good sized branches, weve been fishing with it cutting sqid and mackral, its been through the dish washer and all ive done is run it over a steel and its still got a great edge on it, so much good steel for so little money, just want to add well done baldes and bows for being able to sort through people who want a good knife for all the right reasons in this day and age......always a pleasure to do buisness one
5 Stars
By Jim
I bought this knife as I was already paying postage for a heavy item, and had liked it's design. I have more knives than I need so I was expecting to regret spending15 quid on cheaply priced knife such as this. However I was not disappointed, I love everything about this knife. The quality of the materials and assembly are way above what you'd expect in this price range. A more prestigious brand would probably ask at least three times as much. Superb. Blades and Bows hard to beat on value for money as always.
5 Stars
By Ben
This is by far the best value for money of any lock knife in existence. Yeah sure, Bocker do some amazing knives for £70 but for £14.99 this knife is unbeatable. Wonderfully simple design and grips like a charm. The kicker is very smooth in action and yet takes some effort to open, this ensures the blade won't open up in your pocket like some kickers do. With a simple flick of the wrist you're ready to go. Only real issue is the screw that holds the blade in place has a head unlike any other so it can be hard to open when it's time to clean the knife. I imagine a pair of pliers can manage it though!
5 Stars
By Rob
Great service from Blades&Bows email updates on my order and as this was my first purchase I was expecting a slight delay so they could verify my age etc but that was not the case and my Items arrived promptly including this gem of a flipper excellent value for money.
5 Stars
By Scott -C-
Yet again another great knife from Enlan, I'm a big fan of Enlan knifes, this being my 4th, Its one of the largest knifes they do but it doesn't feel too big in the hand, when I first got it it was a little stiff so it didn't flip too well but it soon loosens off specially with a little help from a little oil, It flips great now, it won't lightswitch but it will flip nicely if you push button it, nice smooth handle but the grooves in it gives it descent clip (I mean grip). If I had to pick one bad thing about Enlan knifes it would be that they do not come that sharp, but they're easy to sharpen. If your looking for a good solid knife for under £20 you can't go wrong with an Enlan.
5 Stars
By David Barton
Beautiful knife with nice wooden grips. Was extremely sluggish when opening at first, but it now flies open with a couple of drops of oil and a flick of the wrist.
5 Stars
By Matthew Goldsmith
Shaving sharp out of the bow with a quality wood handle. Pocket clip a little uncomfortable but it easily screws off.
5 Stars
By Gary McBay
The EL-01 is a brilliant knife. Feels great in the hand, nice and hefty, plenty of steel for the price. The lock up is sturdy and feels secure. Comes well sharpened out of the box too. A very nice knife, would recommend.
5 Stars
By Tilo Springer
What a beautiful knife. Strong and sturdy blade with a lovely wood handle. I'm very impressed how it feels robust in the hand. Definitely good value for money.