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  Enlan EL-01A lock knife

Enlan EL-01A lock knife

Price: £11.66 Exc Vat
Price  £13.99 Inc Vat


This is the tactical version of the EL-01 with its grooved G10 handles  designed to be super strong and impervious to water and chemicals. The cleverly machined blade and frame keep the weight down despite its bulky appearance. The blade flipper gives rapid deployment with either hand

Lock Knife
Blade material : 8Cr13MoV
Handle material : G10
Overall length : 21.2cm
Closed length : 11.8cm

Blade length 10cm
Liner lock
Blade flipper
Pocket clip
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5 Stars
By Mark b
Nice medium weight folder, opened by blade flipper or thumb stud. It's well put together, opens, locks and closes perfectly - blade is sharp and a good weight. Enlan knives are excellent value for money with no compromises on quality - even the Box is nice quality.
5 Stars
By Stuart
I bought this for my wife to go camping with, now having seen it I have to buy another for myself. Stunning quality at this or a much higher price. Very sturdy and well made no flex and the handle fits in my hand great. An easy five stars.
5 Stars
By Christian Thomas
Again very good service from B&B ordered on the Wednesday evening and it came on Saturday this is a solid knife factory edge wasn't as sharp as i would have liked it to be but otherwise excellent knife and excellent service from blades and bows
5 Stars
By Kim Coote
And yet another brilliant knife, Good build, fit and finish. Shaving sharp straight from the box. It beggars belief how they do it for so little money. This is the second of 2 knives from this retailer and I dare say it wont be the last.
5 Stars
By Gary
Nice weight to a nice sized folder, well made too. Great customer service which is even harder to find these days
5 Stars
By Kim
This is the second EL-01 I have purchased as a workmate of mine wanted one because he has been bitten by the knife collecting bug after receiving his first knife from B&B. Still very good fit/finish and good value for money plus fast turn around. :)
5 Stars
By Paul
For the money top value, sharp blade, nice balance, good build quality
5 Stars
By Tony
This knife amazed me for the money. The liner is the thickest of any knife I own. The quality is far higher than you would or should expect for the price. It feels like a £70+ knife to me. If it was legal this would be my EDC knife. I cannot fault this knife in any way. Its pretty heavy but it has to be with liners that are so thick. On youtube you can find some one using it to split wood!!! If you buy this you WILL be happy. Great knife and as always good service from B&Bs. I only buy knives from 3 places on the net: Blades and Bows, Hinnie and cold steel. They are the only 3 places you need in your favourites when it comes to pointy stuff. Anyway back to the EL-01A. It seems china is producing some wonderful stuff these day. The entire Enlan range is worth checking out. Why pay top prices when you can get such a good knife for so little. Thanks B&B for introducing me to Enlan.
4 Stars
By Adam
Great service from blades and bows, good knife for the money,I personally don't like the belt clip,so I removed it,now knife is much more comfortable to use
5 Stars
By uglydog
I cannot believe the quality of this knife for the price. Blade perfectly centered, good heavy liners, lockup was solid with no play, opened nice and smooth otb and was sharp. Good non aggressive jimping and the flipper prevents the fingers from slipping forward. Handle is a good size for my hand (medium) and gives a good solid grip. I love the blade shape. Very impressed and an excellent addition to my collection. B&B as always speedy delivery - 5*.
5 Stars
By Mike Moore
Great knife, fantastic build quality and tremendous value. I have two. Paid almost as much for a much smaller Tac-Force knife which was far inferior in quality, and the opening mechanism broke within weeks after hardly any use. Would recommend Enlan knives and Blades & Bows to anyone.
5 Stars
By Bruce
This thing is a beast! Big folder, but still manageable in weight. Honestly, it is even better than I expected. Fit and finish is superb, especially for the price. Lock up is secure and a little early, with zero blade play. The knife just feels wonderful in hand, and is grippy in all the right places with no hot spots, that I've noticed yet. It came reasonably sharp out of the box. Pocket clip is secure and easy to insert and remove from the pocket. Would be nice if it were deeper carry, although it's not exactly legal carry anyway - by a long shot. Excellent service on my first purchase. Very happy customer.
5 Stars
By Bruce
Just a quick follow on review after a few days of use. We've probably all seen the video of the guy batoning some good sized pieces of wood with this knife. Well, I didn't do that, but I have done some carving and whittling on pretty hard wood. The knife has performed very well and is holding an good edge. I've not sharpened it. What I really wanted to report on is a use for the funny swedge on the spine that nobody seems to have an explanation for. I noticed that the swedge seemed to provide a 90 degree angle, and sure enough you can use it with a fero rod to make fire! To me, that's a very big plus with this knife.
5 Stars
By Ian S
I'm blown away by the quality of this knife and that's without taking into account how inexpensive it is. It's built like a tank, looks fantastic, has no play anywhere and opens one-handed like a dream. The blade is very strong and razor sharp out of the box. Love it!
5 Stars
By J. D.
Not a stranger to B&B, still this flicker knife is my first one. Promptly received, once slightly adjusted, need to add, very satisfied with this product. Definitely without lengthy accolades recommended.