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  Enlan M07 lock knife

Enlan M07 lock knife

Price: £4.99 Exc Vat
Price  £5.99 Inc Vat


This lightweight folder has chequered micarta handles and a neat
drop-point blade making for a good all round game preparation blade.
It features dual thumb studs and a sprung steel pocket clip.
The open frame makes for easy cleaning to ensure that it’s hygienic and ready for use.

Lock Knife
Blade material : 8Cr13MoV
Handle material : G10
Overall length : 16.5cm
Closed length : 9.6cm
Blade length : 7.3cm
Liner lock
Pocket clip

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4 Stars
By roger
Good knife for the money, thick blade for the size, but good sharp edge out of the box. Open spine which I like, as easier cleaning. Its around the size of the opinel no.6 which this is replacing, but this has much more weight to it. I would give it 5stars but for the fact I'm left handed and it has a right hand bias means it looses a star. It is difficult to get to the thumb stud left handed, whereas right handed there is a recess that allows easier opening. I'm planning on snapping out the liner lock and having this as a pocket knife. The liner lock is really good and locks in with a really reasuring clunk. Handle is a little short for my chunky paws, but having a pocket clip and an eyelet give it a more expensive feel.
5 Stars
By PeterM
I was looking for a good quality, low cost EDC that's no nonsense and utilitarian so this M07 stood out to me. No spangly bits, smooth finish, no patterns in the handle or weird shapes. My old EDC has become sentimentally valuable to me, so this knife is replacing it. This knife is absolutely superb, I have no idea how it could be produced at such low cost and deliver such a decent quality item. I've got a pretty comprehensive collection of knives and this is on par with some of the best brands in terms of build quality. The blade is arm-hair-removing sharp out of the box. The shape is ideal too, nice thickness on the blade (I measured 2.44mm with digital calipers) and the shape means it can be sharpened with a flat stone. There's a good portion of flat blade and a wide curve coming to a very rigid tip. The steel is an excellent choice even for a knife several times the price of this. The G10 scales are rough enough to grip but not so rough that they'd catch in your pocket. The G10 scales are also really well fitted too, not even a hairs gap between them and the lining anywhere on mine, this is something I find particularly impressive because I've got knives made by even Benchmade that have a tiny gap on at least one portion of the handle. The shape of the handle is perfect for me. The curve to the handle is wonderful and provides a very positive grip and the edges are reduced enough to feel comfortable. There is only a very small amount of wobble in the locked open blade, certainly not so much as to be a problem, and the lock is tight and comes with a very satisfying click. The liner lock is not difficult to reset and one handed operation is remarkably fast. With a bit of 3 in 1 oil and a few minutes of wiggling I can operate this without the need of the thumb stud and just use a flick of the wrist. It takes practice though. As for the thumb studs they're small enough to be unobtrousive and large enough to be very easily hit with the thumb. They're smoothed and there's literally no awkwardness or biting in to the skin when operating the knife using them and they're very securely attached. The lanyard hole is a welcome addition, the overall thickness is ideal for my hand (I fit a mens medium glove), I've been whittling for about three hours straight with this and my hands feel fine. The pocket clip, usually a bane for comfort in the hand, is fairly low profile and I find that it doesn't catch on my fingers at all while holding it, the shape of it fits between the contact points of my fingers perfectly while holding it. I'm very likely to buy half a dozen of these and leave them in a drawer because I have found my new EDC. The only thing I'd change is a bit of jimping on the spine, but I'll add that myself with a jimping file. I can't praise this knife highly enough, it took me ages to choose between several of the Enlan range (all similar to this) and I think I've found the perfect EDC. Enlan have made a winner. If you're looking for a simple knife that's god excellent build quality, decent steel, sharp as you like and feels good in the hand then this is a sincerely excellent choice.
5 Stars
By Moth
Great knife this ! Had it for a few years now ! It is the mainstay of my allotment! The steel is really good for a cheap knife ! It regularly gets battened through bamboo caines with a claw hammer and still keeps a good edge for rope / cutting jobs, not had to sharpen it much , but takes a resharpen quite easily too. Will be back for a few more of these before they all go.