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  Gerber GDC Tech Skin Pocket Knife

Gerber GDC Tech Skin Pocket Knife

RRP: £39.99
Price: £8.33 Exc Vat
Price  £9.99 Inc Vat

January MEGA Sale
RRP £39.99
Now £9.99
Gerber GDC
Tech Skin Pocket Knife


The Gerber GDC Tech Skin Pocket Knife has one goal: Be there for the tasks you should never have to take on without a blade. If you’ve ever bitten off a tag with your teeth, opened a well-sealed envelope with a car key, or broken down a refrigerator-sized cardboard box with bare hands, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

But your pocket knife should never put a scratch down the face of your gleaming, new smartphone as they jostle around in your bag or front pocket. Which is why we’ve wrapped this one in a protective, non-scratch coating to protect the other, more sensitive tools you may have.

Does Everything You Want, And Nothing You Don’t
The GDC Tech Skin Pocket Knife can handle all the day-to-day tasks an everyday carry should, but what it doesn’t do is the hidden beauty of this compact knife. With no metal showing when closed, it will never scratch the other daily essentials you carry with you, like your phone, tablet or laptop. And at a compact 3.4 inches when closed, it will never hog space in your pocket or bag.

Ever-Ready Blade
Its sharp, 2.5-inch, drop point blade is always there in your bag or pocket, ready to help you open a package, sharpen a pencil or cut a sandwich to share with a friend. Made of stainless steel, the blade resists rust and corrosion and holds a sharp, fine edge. The lock back safety function means that blade won’t fold up in the middle of your handiwork.

Compact, Yet Grippy
Though compact, the handle is made from grippy rubberized Techhide with an added rubberized thumb stud on each side, so it’s easy to keep a firm grip as you cut, chop or slice.


2.52-inch fine edge, drop point blade for swift, precise cuts
Stainless steel construction for durability
Non-scratching rubberized Techhide handle
Dual rubberized thumb studs for extra grip security
Lock back safety function for added protection
Backed by Gerber’s Lifetime Warranty


Item # 31-001693

Overall Length: 5.93"
Blade Length: 2.52"
Closed Length: 3.40"
Weight: 2.24 oz.
Steel Type: 7Cr17
Handle Material: Zytel 101


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5 Stars
By Paul Taylor
This is a really nice, everyday knife. The rubberised finish gives it a nice finish. The blades is as described and 2 rubber grips work well for opening. Another great buy from blades and bows. Thank you.
4 Stars
By Jon
Very sharp and good quality pocket knife. Ideal for keeping close to hand for all sorts of tasks. It's unique selling point is that when folded there are no accessible metal edges, and it is covered in a grippy and comfortable textured rubberized coating. It's a bit stiff to open but seems to getting easier with use. The only dislike I have is the rubber surface seems to be a magnet for pocket lint, dust and such, but this is a fairly minor point.
5 Stars
By Mark Swan
Just brought mine this week arrived in 3 working days.this is probably the best deal I have had on a knife.i am a big fan of small compact knives this is the best thing since sliced bread!.I am not going to go into every detail about the product.if you want a compact knife with a good sharp blade to do all manner of tasks buy at this silly cheap price or loose out big stile.the only shame is its not UK legal as the term goes. Thanks GERBER for making a knife that will last me forever !.is it possible to fall in love with a knife?😆
5 Stars
By David
Great little knife and I mean little, this is a really small, compact knife, but the blade still manages to be big for the overall size of the knife. The handle is about 3/4 the size of a normal palm, though the blade has a very large belly so you still get a good sized cutting edge. Excellent to keep in your car or if you're out and about, though since the blade locks and the UK continues to descend into a moral panic about knives, it's probably best not to carry it on your person in a city, sadly. Honestly, due to the tiny size of this and the blade shape (not as pointy as a clip or spear pointed knife); if someone were to brandish this in a threatening manner towards me I would probably grab it out of their hand, though saying this won't be a legal defence. However in quieter areas or when you have a need to carry it it is a great every day knife, there's very little blade play (side to side movement) and the knife folds fully into the sheath meaning that it won't scratch up your phone or whatever else you have in your pocket, when folded no metal is exposed. It comes nice and sharp out of the box (though I'll probably sharpen it a little bit more), has a 25 year warranty according to the print on the box and there's a small rounded cutout at the end of the blade, which incidentally is roughly the same size as a ferro rod, so you can strike one without dulling the blade. All in all, a great small lock knife that you can keep in your jeans pocket.
5 Stars
By Paul
Firstly! Thanks Blades and Bows for an awesome deal on this little GERBER. Nearly everyone else has this up for £39.99. Wanted a little pocket knife to have with me all the time without the worry of scuffing the mobile. This is perfect.. it’s a solid, nice feeling very sharp little knife. Go on!! Get one, or two if you like.