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  Heroes display sword

Heroes display sword

RRP: £59.99
Price: £12.49 Exc Vat
Price  £14.99 Inc Vat
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RRP £59.99
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Full size Heroes Katana
Movie display sword

Hiro Nakamura sought and obtained the Kensei sword believing it to hold the key to focusing his ability

The helix symbol on the handle is linked to evolved humans

Stainless steel blade, faux leather wrappings and shoulder strap

Includes display stand

Overal length 40.2" (1020mm)
Blade length 27 1/2" (699mm)
Handle length 13.8" (350mm)


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4 Stars
By Anthony Marsh
Great value for money here, the attention to detail is amazing. Feels very solidley built. The only sticking point for me is the scabbard. When you take the sword out you tend to get some stuff on the blade that needs wiping off. But even with this its still worth the money.
5 Stars
By Andrew
This is an absolute beast of a sword, the detail that is on it is amazing. This is the first of my own collection but i am sure that it will go pride of place. The picture does not do it justice, and for the price this is really quite outstanding. Thanks again Bladesandbows.
5 Stars
By Sam
Really well made. Attention to detail is very good. Great value for money. What more is there to say...
3 Stars
By Mr Blaxill
What a whopper! This sword is huge! Whilst being a nice sword, and incredibly good value for money, I have only awarded it 3 stars. This is because: 1) I disliked the fact that the scabbard left small bit of residue on the blade every time you unsheathed it. 2) The leather strap didn't look as good as expected, more like an old belt, so I ended up cutting it off. Other then that, the blade takes pride of place on a stand in my house, and looks amazing with the others. Once again, as always from bladesandbows, AMAZINGLY fast service, and packaged securely. Thanks BladesandBows! Mr Blaxill
1 Stars
By jamie
do not buy this sword unless i am the only one who got sent a rubbish one. looks tackie and cheap, was broken when received, the handle is all loose and the hand gard has a good inch of movment the blade it not all the was into the handle for some reason. and as i hold it it feels like it is going to fall apart. the 10 ninja sword is much better
3 Stars
By Nathan
solid blade. very pleased with the delivery service. i'd rate the katana at 3 and a half stars, reason being is as others have mentioned, the blade is covered in bits of an oil residue every time you unsheathe it. secondly, the mountain climbing style hook clip broke within 5mins. not sure why, i just noticed the belt dangling when i put it down. otherwise, for the price it is a great item.
4 Stars
By MRhappy
very pleased, looks really good and very detailed. blades and bows have exceptional service!the only problem is the substance left on the blade from the sheath, but its easily wiped off! thanks again blades and bows
5 Stars
By clive
ordered this on Thursday and it came Friday afternoon. was very well and securely packaged. the sword itself is fantastic, with good detail and is very well made. the only downside which i read in other reviews too is that when you unsheathe the blade you get a waxy substance coated on it which you then have to wipe off, but apart from this definately a good buy.
4 Stars
By Sam
Absolute bargain! This sword is huge so check the measurements if you want to put it on a seperate stand! I have to agree with the other reviewers about the residue though, having to wipe down the blade every time I get it out is frustrating though I imagine this will stop eventually
5 Stars
By Jack Lowe
A great deal on this sword, it's huge, realistic and well worth the price! It's taking a prime place on my self and looks stunning. If you're looking for a cheap but a great sword then this is the one!
1 Stars
By Richard
OK, so i am afraid i have to agree with Jamie on this one. I just received my sword this morning, I unboxed it, and within minutes of opening package, the belt attachment and the leather handle wraps both came away from the sheath, leaving a horrible wet sticky glue behind. the sword itself is not too bad, the handle does feel cheap though and the blade itself feels like it will snap off from the handle because the blade doesn't sit far enough into the hilt. . for the price its ok for display with a few fixes. grip tape for handle and removed remains of belt. took me an hour nearly to remove the horrible residue left by the strap and you want something that looks nice from a distance and is cheap, go for it. if you want higher quality then you may be better off looking for an official (but far more expensive) version of Hiro's sword. ------------------------------------------------ Reply by Blade and Bows This katana is an ornament and sold as such . Ornamental swords are for decorative use only and not for use. If you have a manufacturing problem please feel free to contact us . If you want a sword to use buy one from our hand forged section .
5 Stars
By Roux
Recieved good three days after odering. After reading the above low reviews after I ordered I seriously thought about cancelling. So pleased I didn't. Yes there is resin when the blade is drawn however for the price superb quality the blade much heavier than I thought it would be and feels more expensive than a £25 sword.
5 Stars
By Claire Cordell
Excellent service, ordered after hours Tuesday evening and arrived Thursday morning. The sword looks awesome, its huge and looks so realistic, perfect for a photoshoot, thank you!!