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Innovation is power.
Always living on the edge, Always searching for the unknown, Always braving the next horizon.
Whether overbuilt to take on the world, or emerge stylish and full of grace, Innovation is the separation from the mundane.
Collaborating with some of the best creative minds in knife making and designs, Kizer presents the BLADESMITH series.
Exceptional Designs and Impeccable Craftsmanship, this is PASSION for never ending adventures!
Kizer Dorado Ki455A1
Kizer Dukes Ki5466A1
Kizer Eliminator 2 Ki4483
Kizer Flashbang Ki454A1
Kizer Hunter large Ki4416A3
Kizer River Cat Ki4456A2
Kizer Tigon Ki4450A1
Kizer Tigon Ki4450A2
Kizer Tigon Ki4450Ti1
Kizer Tigon Ki4450Ti2