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Email problems

We are currently having problems with the email address Please use the email address if you any problems getting through to us.

Privacy Policy updated.
In line with the new General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force today we have updated our privacy policy. Please see here for the updated information.

July 21st Mail order knife ban.

As many people will be aware on June 17th the headlines were filled with news on a potential ban on knife sales delivered to home addresses.

Today we probably know nothing more than you do. Consultation is due some time in the autumn, no date has been given and no information as to whether any decision at the consultation will be implemented immediately or if they will give online and mail order sellers a cushion to try and implement a delivery system to work within any changes.
Will this only affect knives or will it include other items like machetes and swords? We truly do not know at the moment. 

As most of you know we take our age checking very seriously (as do many other big mail order companies). We use a paid for age check system as used for the online gambling industry on every new customer which works extremely well. We employ a member of staff whose sole job is to run age checks so its not a cheap thing to implement but is necessary to ensure only adults can buy of our website.
Every year we cancel hundreds of orders that do not satisfy our age checks and refund 10`s of thousands of pounds worth of money rather than take the risk of supplying someone we can not prove is 18 or over.
There are always going to be a number of bad sellers who have no passion for the items they sell and think age checking is an expensive hassle.
Laws already exist to tackle these people and rather than make up new laws to inconvenience genuine adult buyers and collectors and potentially end the businesses of everybody online maybe they should police existing ones (if there are any police left to do it!)
I have seen no mention of the fact that importing a knife from overseas, is in a lot of cases, done without any checking of the buyers age. There is no consequence for a foreign seller so if you pay they will post it.
British business will fall and overseas sellers will get more underage customers.

Will a ban on delivering knives to homes of pre age checked customers have any impact on knife crime? We feel that is very unlikely.
Criminals of any age will get what they want be it a knife, a gun, a bottle of acid or even a lump of 2x4 wood regardless of any new laws. They are criminals after all and do not obey laws.

Quoted from the bbc news crime statistics
"23% increase in firearms offencesOriginal article.
How can that be when we have some of the strictest gun laws in the world?

Rather than create new laws the government should be employing more police to uphold existing laws, If the police can not cope with the work load currently on their plate how are they going to enforce new ones?

Moving forward if this law change comes into effect, unless the government has some master plan they have not told us about to force somewhere like local post offices to accept your parcel and take on the responsibility of checking your id you will find the majority of mail order will be gone.
For us that will equate to loss of jobs. For you as a customer is will mean less choice and higher prices. 
At the moment the best thing we can suggest is if you have plans on buying any bladed implement from ourselves or any of the other responsible online sellers you do it before the autumn.

We also suggest sending a letter to your local MP, who knows, it might do some good? It certainly can't make it any worse.

Easter Holiday 2017

We will be closed for the Easter holiday from Friday the 14th to Monday the 17th. Telephone lines reopen on Tuesday at 10am. Have a great weekend.

Posting Dates for Christmas 2016.
We will be closing for the Christmas holiday on the 23rd of December.
We have been advised by Royal Mail that the last date for posting 1st class mail is Wednesday the 21st of December.
The last date for posting Parcelforce24 parcels will be Thursday the 22nd of December.
Whilst we would advise not leaving it until the last minute we will do our best to make sure that all orders received before those dates are dispatched to give you the best possible chance of receiving the order in time. 
Customers can help us do this by making sure that they enter a full name at the checkout and the correct billing address for the payment card. This information all helps us to process the age checks as quickly and efficiently as possible which means that we can get the orders dispatched quickly.
20ft Container (7 tonnes) of PBK knives due in this week.
10 new model folding knives, 4 models of sheath knife, 2 models of machete and 3 new models of axe`s.
As with all the PBK range these will be exceptional value for money so check out the new stuff section next week.

Finaly the USA shipment looks like its has cleared customs. Its been stuck for 2 weeks waiting for clearance but after lots and lots of questons they now seam happy. PITA importing swords.
With luck the container will arrive Thursday or Friday (we hope) If thats the case we will spend most of the bank holiday weekend listing everything and get as much up forsale as is possible as we know many of you are waiting for a lot of items to come back instock .
Kizer knives are nearly all listed (hopefully all done by tomorrow)
Ganzo knives should be here very soon too.
And last we have a 40 foot container of samurai swords, fantasy swords, Rambo knives and a few Assasins Creed items due in next week . May take us a while to get that lot listed though.

20ft container due in from USA in the next week or 2. Most out of stock Mtech, Tacforce and Elk Ridge knives should then be back in stock plus plenty of new items.
40ft container has just arrived (mostly fantasy swords and knives) and we will get these listed asap . Another 40ft container is due the end of this month so items like rambo knives which we know many customers are wanting will be back in soon.
Ganzo knives will soon be added to our knife range . Around 160 models ordered which we are hoping will arrive early June.
Crossbow stocks have been a bit hard to come by of late . A shipment is due late May .

Easter Bank Holiday

Our telephone lines will be closed from 2pm on Thursday the 24th of March over the bank holiday and will reopen on Tuesday the 29th of March at 10am. All orders received will be processed as normal and dispatched on Tuesday the 29th.

A new delivery of mostly katanas and sword sets arrived just before we broke up for Christmas. Due to the re opening sale it will probably take us a good few weeks to get all the new stuff listed but trust us it will be worth the wait. New swords priced from around £50-over £1000 so something for every pocket . As well as katanas there are some new anime swords, display sword sets plus a few other bits and bobs.

January 2016
We are now open again as normal and would like to thank you for your patience.
We had an extended closure over Christmas as we needed a holiday, the first one in 16 years!

Thanks to a couple of excellent new staff members, Barbara and Rachel, we have been keeping up really well with the orders coming in up to Christmas.
We will be closing the checkout on Monday the 21st of December at 9am.
All orders placed up until that time will be processed and dispatched as normal.
We will be closed until the 22nd of January when we will be back with a January sale.  

Why no free postage?

Every few weeks we will get emails from customers asking why we do not offer free post .
The answer is quite simple, post is never free. We could offer free post but like other websites we would just add that into the item cost so an item that we sell for £10 plus £4.50 would be £14.50 with free post and cost you just the same.
The down sides of running the site with free post (that you are paying for in the item cost) is should you choose two items that now cost £14.50 each with free post we have actualy made an extra £4.50 out of you as you have been charged post twice . £4.50 ontop of each item . If we charged you £10 per item plus post you only pay one postage charge.
£14.50 + £14.50 + free post = £29.00
£10 + £10 + £4.50 post = £24.50
That is why unless Royal Mail start offering us free post, which is extremely unlikely, we will not be offering it to you.

Huge delivery arrived this week

20` container of stock just arrived from USA . Its going to take us a good week or 2 to get them all listed so check the new stuff section over the next couple of weeks .
Loads of new products and plenty of old favorites back in stock , Mtech knives, Tac force assisted knives, throwing knives, a bunch of new samurai swords and other things I can not remember .

Easter bank holiday

The telephone lines will be closed between 2pm on Thursday the 2nd of April and 10am on Tuesday the 7th of April. All incoming orders will be processed as normal and dispatched in order of receipt from Tuesday onwards. 
Have a good weekend!!

The phones and internet at our new premises are now working as normal but now we are experiencing heavy snow so there may be some delay with order dispatch.

The checkout will be turned off on Monday the 15th of December and will re-open on January the 12th 2015.
We are turning the checkout off on the 15th to give us plenty of time to process and dispatch the orders that have already been received.
Merry Christmas to all of our customers and best wishes for 2015.

09/12/14 Merry Christmas!
We are currently taking approx 48 hrs to process orders. We have stopped taking telephone calls as it is all hands to the deck to dispatch the parcels. If you need to contact us please email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We are currently experiencing high levels of orders. This may mean an extra day on top of our normal order processing time.

11 pallets of both new items and many out of stock items should be arriving Monday 22nd September.
Items will be listed as quickly as possible but it may take a week or two as there is around 8 ton to unpack and sort through.

We are closed during the 8-15th of September for stocktaking. We hope this doesn't cause too much inconvenience and we will be open again from 10am on Monday the 15th of September. We are having a massive warehouse sort out and there should be plenty of bargains to be had in the special offer section as we find stock we forgot we had bought and there will be some stock that never made it onto the website as we have never got round to listing it!
If you need to contact us please email us at and we will answer when we can.

We will be closed for telephone orders and advice between the hours of 2pm on Friday the 22nd of August to 10am on Tuesday the 26th of August for the Bank Holiday. Orders placed on the website will be processed and dispatched as soon as possible.

Website update now live. There are a few bits and bobs that still need editing and finishing off so please be patient with us.


We will be closed for telephone orders and advice between the hours of 2pm on Friday the 2nd of May to 10am on Tuesday the 6th of May for the May Bank Holiday. Orders placed on the website will be processed and dispatched as soon as possible.

We will be closed for telephone orders and advice between the hours of 2pm on Thursday the 17th of April to 10am on Tuesday the 22nd of April for the Easter Bank Holiday. Orders placed on the website will be processed and dispatched as soon as possible.


Two huge deliveries arrived yesterday. Loads of new Cold Steel items and 4.5 ton of Mtech , USMC, Elk Ridge and a load of new hand forged katanas.

To list the new items is going to take quite a few days as there is a mountain to go through. Check us out over the next week and hopefully most of it will be live and available to order :)
We are pleased to announce we are now the UK distributor of Enlan knives. Enlan produce knives for many top US brand name knife companies ie gerber, sog , boker etc and offer a very high quality knife at a fraction of the branded price.
All feature 8Cr13MoV heat treated blades HRC 58-60.
We have 17 models currently being manufactured and expect the delivery to arrive in the UK late April / early May.