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  PBK Punisher fixed blade knife

PBK Punisher fixed blade knife

RRP: £59.99
Price: £16.66 Exc Vat
Price  £19.99 Inc Vat
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RRP £59.99
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Punisher Knife

6mm thick Titanium coated blade
Full tang
Grey CnC micarta scales
Molle compatible sheath
Total length 13 3/8" (340mm)
Blade length 7 1/4" (183mm)
Weight 1 lb 6oz (630grams)

A good replica of Frank Castle`s knife in the "Punisher War Zone"

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5 Stars
By Dale
Pictures don`t do this knife justice. If your into movie knives this is a 100% perfect replica. If your a movie rep buyer you will know most reps are toys in the shape of a knife . This is not a toy, its a beast. If your just into great big heavy awesome knives and have no interest in movies ignore the Punisher tie in and just buy it . Its big , its thick , its heavy . The sheath is good . and the best bit its 30 quid. Fecking awesome .
5 Stars
By Adam
This Just arrived today and I have to say.. It's a beast! I didn't buy it because it was a replica.. I intend to use it! It's big and heavy.. Pictures don't to it justice in the slightest. I have already recommended this to a few mates of mine. And at this price. You would be stupid not to!
5 Stars
By A.Mann
What a ugly but beautiful knife you can tell it is a really good knife as soon as you look at it. When you hold it, it feels proper, the blade is sharp enough to cut the inside packing with out the risk of tipping it out and cutting yourself. it is a proper meaty knife and will serve the purpose I want it for. I live at the back of beyond and collect animal skulls so when I have come across road kill be it a rabbit, deer, fox, etc I will be able to cut its head off with no problem unlike the knife I used to use that took me a few mins. even though its a "punisher" knife its not a toy but a really useful solid full tang knife with enough weight to do what you want to do. the handle is comfy to hold and the sheath is strong enough to protect the blade saving the upset of taking the edge off. All in all, this is the best knife in my collection and will be used instead of putting it on display. full marks plus to Blades and Bows for there quality knifes and it is a shame I did not find them before I started my collection. The delivery was fast for a first time order and I will buy from them if and when I want some more. I will also recommended Blades and Bows to friends and anyone else who asks where it come from
5 Stars
By Nick
What a beast of a knife! An awesome addition to my collection. The molle compatible sheath means that I can attach it safely to my webbing when on field exercise. As ever the service from Blades and Bows was excellent. I emailed with a general enquiry and received a reply from Liz less than an hour later, other companies have taken days to reply or just not bothered at all. My order was sent out at 1400 hrs on a Mon and I received it 1125 hrs the next morning. I have recommended Blades and Bows to many of my fellow Service personnel, and I would highly recommend this company to anyone reading this.
5 Stars
First off fantastic service, first time user and this knife was with me 24hrs after ordering. The knife itself is a similarly impressive, very thick full tang construction, grippy aggressive handle, wont fly out of your hand if chopping in the wet. Sharp enough out of the box for chopping and general use but will need a strop before it is really ready for fine work. Decent MOLLE sheath although the pocket could do wwith being a bit bigger if you ant to store a multitool or stone (ideal for a wiresaw though) If im being mega picky the 'sawback' feature is pretty worthless but for the price you cant fault this knife It feels bigger than the specs and will probably end up replacing my Kukri as my camp knife. Bring on the Zombie Apocalypse!!
5 Stars
By mart
It's not the prettiest knife out there but once in your hand you realise what a great blade this is.its an almost 50/50 weight distribution and with the shape of the handle you can hold it a few ways but it always feels comfortable. Quite possibly the best blade I've bought from this company.
5 Stars
By Samuel
This is almost the perfect knife for me. It's sharp straight out of the box and it has enough heft to it to rival a hatchet. The thick handle has plenty to hold on to, however, I don't have the largest of hands so will be modifying it slightly to be more comfortable for me. The front pocket looks to have great versatility, though the only thing that seems to fit without having to force it, is a small diamond stone. There are plenty of ways to attach it to yourself or a bag. Off myself, on a belt with the convenient lanyard to tie it to my leg seems to be where this knife wants to be.