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  Rambo Knife Trilogy Set

Rambo Knife Trilogy Set

Price: £39.16 Exc Vat
Price  £46.99 Inc Vat

Rambo Knife
Trilogy Set

Rambo 1, 2 and 3 collectors set
Buy all 3 Rambo knives in one go and get the set for just £46.99


Rambo First Blood 1

14 1/4" (360mm) total length
9" (225mm) blade

Rambo First Blood 2
15 1/2" (394mm) total length
10" (255mm) blade

Rambo 3
16 1/2" (425mm) total length
11 1/4" (285mm) blade

These are the same Rambo knives we sell individually at £19.99 each for Rambo 1 & 2 and £24.99 for Rambo III so if you need more info than posted above check out the details on the individual knives.

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5 Stars
By Leon Gregory
Awesome value 5*****`s . Ive been wanting all 3 Rambo knives for a while but never had the money all in one go and getting them 1 at at time is less fun as I wanted to make a wall display and adds up with 3 lots of post. Super exited to find all 3 knives for such a low price (a lot of places charge that for just1 knife) I have mounted them all on my wall using neodymium magnets (cheap off ebay) glued to some small blocks of wood then screwed to my wall and they look brilliant.
5 Stars
By Andrew
great set of knifes and really sharp. blades&bows dispatched the set the very next day and arrived a day later have and will order again great company and great service well recommended.
5 Stars
By Joel
A very fast delivery again from B&B , I have been looking at the Rambo knives for a while and was very pleased to see the set of 3 for a great price , arrived quickly and are now part of my collection , great quality set and I am Very pleased with my purchase , thanks Blades and Bows
5 Stars
By ady gav
5 Stars
By Tony
Like a lot of other people I have wanted the Rambo triple set of knives for a long time and this set from Blades and Bows is a great bargain well made and very sharp out of the box and my test of sharpness is to see if I can shave the back of my hand and all passed the test with out any problem. The first 2 knives in the set are fantastic but the Rambo 3 knife has to be the best and this set is well worth getting for any knife collector as well as movie memorabilia, now all thats needed is the Rambo 4 knife lol
4 Stars
By Ian Starmore
Good quality blades , fast delivery again, thanks again blades and bows!!
0 Stars
By Jim
Holy smoke, just received these awesome knives and I am truly gobsmacked, I really don't know how they can sell this trilogy at this price. I personally think you're getting £45 worth of leather sheath alone, the quality of the knives is stunning and I really personally think they are worth £45 each easily so to get all three for that money is outstanding, to be honest if I had to pay £60 for the Rambo 3 knife alone I'd think I'd got a good deal. I really can't recommend these knives enough, the pics just don't do these blades justice, you just have to see and hold them to believe them, I'm scratching my head at how they sell these for this mad, barmy, crazy crackpot low price. Do yourself a favour and grab these NOW!! I really really can't see these at this price for long, awesome just ruddy awesome. Thanks blades and bows, you have made my decade with these knives and the super quick delivery is second to none. ;-)