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  Storm 55lb Compound Bow

Storm 55lb Compound Bow

High powered, good looking compound bow.
Price: £70.83 Exc Vat
Price  £85.00 Inc Vat
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 Storm 55lb Compound Bow

This beautiful autumn camo compound bow is ideal for both finger and release aid shooters.

An arrow speed of 206 ft/sec makes it an ideal first compound bow or for those who want a low cost entry level compound.

This bow is one of our best sellers.

Weight: 1.8 kg (4 lbs)

Length: 41-1/2 inches

String length: 29-1/2 inches

Draw length: 27-29 inches

Draw weight: 55 lbs

Axle to axle: 43-1/4 inches

Limb: compression molded fiberglass

Riser: aluminum alloy

String: dacron with wire

Speed: 206 feet/sec.

Pin sight included

Right hand only
Draw length factory set at 28". Adjustable from 27" to 29".

Do not let our low price put you off  .This is a quality bow . Retails at £169-£179 in most gun shops  and £149.99 on most websites

We recommend using carbon or aluminium arrows with this bow


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5 Stars
By Catsnake
For the money the best compound bow currently available -just make sure that the length of pull will suit your build obviously. Great customer service and fast shipping.
5 Stars
By Dave
Ok I haven't really fired this bow much yet because you DO need to buy a few extras really! Like a bow string release aid (not essential but using your fingers is tricky and accuracy isn't as good). Also, the bow rest that comes with this bow is pretty basic, you might want to buy a better one. Luckily, these things are widely available across the net. Although if Blades and Bows did stock such items, I WOULD buy from them (hint hint lol) Anyway about the bow, the poundage is good! It is stiff to pull back but does get easier the further you pull the string! As always, the quality is outstanding (Armex never let you down) and the bow string comes ready installed! :) I have brought this as a collection item mainly but I will shoot it in my spare time. All in all, an outstanding bow!
4 Stars
By matt
A great bow for the price ideal for a beginner as another reviewer has said you will need some extras there are a lot of archery brand "SNOBS" who rubbish this online in reviews and think its cheap therefore it must be bad nonsense don't listen to them there nothing wrong with this bow I get good tight groupings and 30 metres okay you wont win an Olympic gold with this but you will have lots of fun.
5 Stars
By Mark b
I have a decent sized garden and usually shoot my 25 lb compound bow with no problems. Then I decided to use my Storm bow, It went straight through the straw archery target, the armoured glass in the back window, my bicycles front tire and embedded in the kitchen wall (about a foot from my wife's head). I love this bow.
5 Stars
By Fred Mason
A great bow and very powerful. Comfortable to hold and easy to set up. The customer service is second to none. They are very helpful and very friendly and knowledgeable. Delivery was next day and goods were well packed. In the first instance, THEY called me to tell me I had ordered the wrong arrows for this type of bow, so they recommended the correct arrows which were excellent. Now that is what I call customer service. I look forward to dealing with them for a long time as my archery skills improve. Well done.
5 Stars
Excellent bow. Very little to assemble (sights and cable guard). Out and shooting within 5 mins. The bow was set at 55lb draw when it arrived, and I struggled to pull it. I got some good advice from Nick at B&B, who advised me on how I can lower the poundage - I can now draw and shoot comfortably. The bow is powerful even after I lowered it. It is very accurate in my garden (40ft ish) and quiet on the release. I had the black one, which did not have white leaf print, just the words "Armex" on the limbs, which I prefer. Customer service was superb and delivery was fast (as always). All in all an excellent bow at an amazing price, and yes, I have seen them at £169 elsewhere! Thanks B&B!
5 Stars
By Mike
Great bow I bought this as it was pretty cheap and looked nice and I wanted to start archery as a hobby. Great quality bow well worth the money Word of warning though...its very powerful Alot of fun though:) Great customer service and speedy delivery Thank you b+b