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  Templar warrior

Templar warrior

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Templar Warrior
resin ornament

The lower-born sergeants were templar warriors that weren’t knighted.
Unlike the knights, they wore black surcoats with a red cross. They wore helmets on their heads, and their shields were colored black with the red cross on them.
 Over the two centuries of their existance, the templars developed a recognizable insignia consisting of three colors: white, black and red.
The black represented religion, and was depicted at the top in their flags.
The white symbolized spiritual purity,
and the red cross symbolized the blood of Christ.

This ornament is shown wearing a black cloak with a red cross and a black gambeson also with a red cross.
He is wearing a chain mail haubergeon, gauntlets and chauses to protect his legs.

He is also carrying a sword and wearing a dagger on his belt

The ornament measures approx 7 3/4" (197mm) tall.

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