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  USMC "Guardian 0-Dark 30" M-1022BK

USMC "Guardian 0-Dark 30" M-1022BK

RRP: £29.99
Price: £16.66 Exc Vat
Price  £19.99 Inc Vat
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RRP £29.99
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0-Dark 30

This perfect companion can be used for just about anything.
The 440C blade is Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coated for a matte non-stick surface.
With a Rockwell rating of 58-60, this blade is built to perform while retaining its razor edge.
The textured G-10 scales provides a secure grip, strength, and durability in the toughest of situations.
This fixed blade is equipped with a MOLLE-compatible 16800 Nylon Sheath.
Offered in plain and partially serrated versions and choice of handle scale color and material.

Overall Handle Blade Blade Thickness Steel Type Handle Material Weight
7.75" (19.69cm) 4" (10.16cm) 3.4" (8.64cm) 5mm 440C SS G10 7.58oz
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5 Stars
By Steven
First as always amazing service from blades and bows. 5 stars just for that alone. As for the knife itself I would give more than 5 stars if I could. The knife as soon as you open the box exudes quality. Has a nice weight and balance to it and a razor sharp edge. The whole thing is worth much more than the price it's selling for on here and I'd recommend buying one of these before they sell out. You won't regret it
5 Stars
By Martin
I usually wait awhile before I do reviews, you know get a feel for the item use it a bit, but this is just an astounding piece of kit.It arrived this morning (comical email from royal mail too boot:)) Always quick excellent service from B&B This knife is a quality item, you can see the stat's in the item discription, I originaly wanted a two knife set up, one with a partialy serrated blade and one without as a back-up. I was going to get a Gerber LMF and a Prodigy. I couldn't get either without a serrated edge (and the price was never right) so I went with the Prodigy originaly. I've had that about 2 years and it has served me well. But I still wanted an un serrated back-up knife. The gaurdian is more than a match for anything that Gerber could serve up, this is an excellent product. And I believe it's big brother comes with a serrated or none serrated blade, which means for the price of a Prodigy (else where on the net) you could have two better quality knives for the same price or less. In fact I may break my promise of not using youtube ever again and do a field review next time I'm in the woods. Buy one you'll thank yourself and blades & bows for it. 10 stars :)