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  Walking Dead Ornamental Katana

Walking Dead Ornamental Katana

Price: £16.66 Exc Vat
Price  £19.99 Inc Vat

Walking Dead
Ornamental Katana

Straight Blade Collectible Walking Dead Katana

White Cord wrapped handle
Faux leather and white cord wrapped sheath
Unsharpened straight blade

Overall: 38 3/4"
Blade length: 27"

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5 Stars
By Andrew
Very Good Sword. Really nice case the detail on it is amazing! Would definately recommend this to anyone! Amazing price too!
5 Stars
By Des
I wanted this for a photography shoot. Obviously I didn't want to spend a lot as it just a prop. It is perfect for what I need, looks very good. Well weighted and detailed. Glad I took the risk of spending the minimal amount I could it is worth every penny. Will definitely be shopping here again.
5 Stars
By david
for the price you can't beat it, lovely looking sword , but in hindsight I would of spent extra £20 for the hand-forged one..
4 Stars
By Diane
I ordered this sword on the 3 of January and it Was delivered with in two days! The sword it's self is an exact replica of the real sword used in the show apart from the fact that the real sword has a slight curve to the blade where as this one doesn't. Apart from this miner issue I would deffenatly recommend this sword to anyone interested in TWD and it is amazing value this sword! ------------------------------------------ Reply from Blades and Bows. The UK law will not allow curved blade swords with a blade over 50cm unless it is hand made. All ornamental katanas we stock will have a straight blade. With the majority of swords we also offer hand forged versions (real swords) which have curved blades.
5 Stars
By Michael
When I saw this sword being sold for the ridiculously low price that I got it for (in April 2017) I was so sure it would be a light weight, ready to fall apart trashy replica with hardly any of the smaller details you would expect to find on the way more expensive models. But OMG was I wrong! The price was so low, I was worried Blades and Bows were closing down or something? This sword is absolutely GORGEOUS! It even has the symbol on the blade which I was sure was not going to be on it. Happy to say I was wrong yet again! I'm amazed that Blades and Bows let this go at this price. Everywhere else I look, this exact model is selling for more than twice the price! This sword, although straight, thanks to UK laws regarding curved blades, is still just as pleasing to look at and hold any day of the week! Even the faux leather looks and feels nice. The blade looks awesome and the whole appearance of the sheath with the sword in it, gives me the chills, pleasant chills! I own more expensive swords than this, so usually, I am not easily impressed by cheap replicas, HOWEVER, this very cheap Walking Dead replica Michonne sword has instantly become one of my favourite swords ever! Thank you Blades and Bows!